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Fiona Galbraith (Fiona the black as she is known on the high seas) is a seasoned veteran Warcaster and an unabashed thamanite. Unlike most Thamanites however, she does not hide her darker side, instead she is outwardly cruel and violent, and a master of manipulation both by mundane and magical means. Her pirate crew on broad her ship the "Ill Fortune" are a fanatical cult who worship not only the dark goddess but also Fiona herself. 2


Fiona was born in 573 AR In the Northwestern Cygnarian port city of Ceryl. Her father Lyonis Galraith, was a respected member of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry, and her mother Syanna was from a minor noble family. While on the outside they seemed like a model upper class family, the truth was much more insidious. Syanna appears to have been a devout thamanite, and led a small cult from the shadows. What's more, she was a user of the forbidden art of mesmerism, and had made her devoted husband into her puppet. When her husband, (under the influence of his wife) was denied his request to study several Orgoth artifacts in the Fraternal Order's possession, he was caught trying to steal them. Under interrogation from the Order of Illumination, he cracked easily and spoke about the varies crimes he had helped his wife commit. He was sentenced to death, and an Order agent named Stellan Grayves was sent to capture Syanna. When he arrived at their manner, Syanna attacked him, and he was forced to gun her down. He found a ten year old Fiona under her bed and terrified. Stellan puzzled over weather or not to end Fiona's life then, with the fear her mother had irrevocably corrupted her. His choice to let her live would haunt him for the rest of his life. 1

Fiona was placed in a Morrowan orphanage as to be watched carefully by the order as she grew. Their great mistake however, was not taking into account that Fiona could have inherited her Parent's magical talent. In 585 AR at the age of twelve Fiona burnt the Orphanage to the ground with magical fire, Killing some forty people, most of them children. She was searched for, but made a clean escape. 1

In her teenage years Fiona ran with a cutthroat gang called "The Black Knives." She quickly rose through the ranks, and murdered her way to the top at the age of sixteen. Using her quick wits, arcane talent, and mastery of manipulation, she made The Black Knives the most feared gang in the city. However in 590 AR she was contacted by former associates of her mother in Mercir, who wished to instruct her in the ways of magic and worship of the dark goddess. True to Thamar's philosophy of self service, Without a second thought she promptly left her gang and everyone she knew to move to Mercir. A mere three years later, Fiona would gather followers in the Covan she joined and attempt a coup to become leader, she is defeated and forced to flee the city. 1

She then began to hire herself out as a mercenary. She quickly gained a reputation for ruthlessness and disregard for authority in battle, and took on the moniker "the Black." In 600 AR she met the renown privateer Captain Bartolo "Broadside" Montador and joined his crew. She quickly became a vital member of Montador's team. Two years later Bartolo gifted the "Ill Fortune" to Fiona. While she does not captain the vessel, she is the undisputed leader on bored. In 603 she intercepted a Cygnarian Prison Barge and Freed Calvar Santoni, a Thamanite she knew from the coven in Mercir. He became the acting captain aboard the Ill Fortune. 1 As Fiona's successes mount, her crew took to worshiping her goddess, and in turn looking to her not only as a commander but a spiritual leader. 2


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