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The archangels are the greatest, most perfect spawn of the dragon Everblight.[1]


Everblight first conceives of the archangel when working to consume the athanc of Pyromalfic, which multiplied his strength, his mastery of blight and his desire to spawn creations worthy of his legacy.[1]

The first four archangels are created from the teeth of the defeated Pyromalfic, recovered from the Castle of the Keys by Kallus. Everblight first calls Vayl Hallyr and her most skilled sorceresses and have them prepare for the spawning. Vayl spends days filling each sigil set into the greatest spawning pool with a mixture containing her own blood empowered from her athanc shard. The sorceresses then fill the basin with blood, with three fragments of Pyromalfic's skeleton at the centre. Everblight then calls his avatar Thagrosh along with Kallus and Absylonia to the pool and perform the ritual. The three warlocks add their own blood and the concentrated essence of Everblight into the pit, giving birth to the first archangels.[1]

The spawning of the archangels are witnessed by the dragon Charsaug, who sets out to investigate, having come to western Immoren to join an alliance of dragons led by Blighterghast against Everblight. Though Charsaug manages to kill many blighted Nyss and lesser dragonspawn, the four archangels eventually fight him and threaten him to the point he has to flee, unwilling to risk even the smallest chance of defeat.[1]


Archangels bear a striking resemblance to actual dragons, though obviously of a vastly smaller size and have no eyes like all other dragonspawn. Their shape mirror the dragons' so closely, to the point Blighterghast considers it to be blasphemy.[1]