Convergence of Cyriss

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Convergence of Cyriss

Convergence Flag

Leader: Iron Mother Directrix
Common name: Convergence
Pronunciation: SEAR-iss
Capital: None
Formation: 370 AR
Government: Cell Based Hierarchy
Population: Unknown
Currency: Royal
Other names: N/A
Demonym: Convergence
Official language: No Official
Other languages: Khadoran, Cygnaran, Llaelese

The Convergence of Cyriss is the inner circle of the cult of Cyriss. It is a self-contained and self-governed secret society with a distinct culture, as well as beliefs and goals that necessitate a large and technologically advanced military. Its members consider themselves awakened to the fundamental mysteries of the goddess and live by a set of tenets known as the Nine Harmonics. The Nine Harmonics form the guiding principles of the Convergence. These simple but broad tenets are studied and meditated upon by all members, but are especially important to the priesthood. The overarching goal of the Convergence is to bring about the manifestation of Cyriss on Caen, a divine imperative.[1]


Convergence is cell based, and their temples can be found all throughout Immoren. Temple organization is led by several orders of priests: fluxions, enumerators, and optifex.

Military Forces

Convergence Warcasters

Convergence Vectors

Light Heavy Colossal