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Kingdom of Cygnar

Cygnar Flag

Cygnar Map

Leader: Julius Raelthorne
Common name: Cygnar
Pronunciation: SIG-nahr
Capital: Caspia
Formation: 202 AR
Government: Monarchy
Population: 8,870,000
Currency: Crown
Other names: N/A
Demonym: Cygnaran
Official language: Cygnaran
Other languages: Llaelese, Ordic, Rhulic, Khadoran

Cygnar, officially the Kingdom of Cygnar is a parliamentary monarchy in western Immoren.


The name "Cygnar" originates from the Cygnus standard used by the Kingdom of Caspia during the rule of Benewic Govant, later King Benewic I of the Kingdom of Cygnar in 203 AR. His banner was a golden swan on a blue field, which remains in use as the official flag of Cygnar. 1


Ancient Calacia

The first Menite city was established in 6500 BR at Icthier. The legendary Priest-King Cinot founded and ruled the city for four centuries. It remained the center of Menite civilization long after his death. In 5500 BR an expedition departed Icthier under the leadership of the priest Geth to spread the Menite faith in the uncivilized lands to the north. 2b

In 4000 BR the people of Icthier were forced to abandon their city because of drastic changes to the environment. This disaster is recorded as the Time of the Burning Sky. The Menites found refuge in the lands along the Black River. In 2800 BR Valent Thrace united the Menites and built a new city called Calacia at the mouth of the Black River. Calacia had stone walls which led to it being called the Shield of Thrace. 2c

Priest-King Golivant I led the army of Calacia against the worshipers of the Devourer Wurm. Golivant I attacked and burned a number of villages west of Calacia. Horfar Grimmr, a trollkin chieftain gathered various Molgur tribes for an attack on Calacia. Golivant I successfully defended the city and defeated Horfar Grimmr in personal combat. The Molgur withdrew after the death of their leader. 2d After ten more years of war the Calacians defeated the Molgur in 2200 BR. 2a

After Golivant I died his heir Golivant II was unable to keep the Calacians unified. Golivant II was killed and the kingdom disintegrated. His son Golivant III reunified the Menites of Calacia in 2051 BR.2d In 2050 BR he expanded the city and consecrated new fortifications to Menoth. Golivant III renamed the city Caspia. 2a Caspia became known as the City of Walls for the new defenses raised by Golivant III. 2d

Medieval Caspia

Modern Cygnar


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