Legion of Everblight

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Legion of Everblight

Legion Flag

Leader: Everblight
Common name: Legion
Capital: N/A
Formation: 605 AR
Currency: N/A
Other names: N/A
Demonym: Legion
Official language: Aeric
Other languages: Molgur-Og, Tkra
The Legion of Everblight is the personal army of the dragon Everblight, spawn of the great Dragonfather, Toruk. Everblight's spirit endures in his athanc, spread amongst his trusted warlocks. Everblight seeks to devour the athancs of his brother dragons, amassing enough power to once again become flesh. He spreads his dragonblight, mutating and warping everything it touches. The Legion of Everblight consists of blighted Nyss, a race of frost elves from the cold north, along with the blighted ogrun, and the monstrous dragonspawn warbeasts.[1]

Military Forces

Legion Warlocks

Other Characters

Legion Warbeasts

Lesser Light Heavy Gargantuan

Legion Units

Legion Solos