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Rhul Flag

Leader: Stone Lords
Common name: Rhul
Capital: Ghord
Formation: 8500 BR
Government: Dictatorship
Population: 1100000
Other names: N/A
Demonym: Rhulic
Official language: Rhulic
Other languages: Molgur-Og
Rhul is the nation of the dwarves, located in the great mountains of the northwestern part of western Immoren, home to over a million dwarves and a hundred thousand ogrun. The dwarves claim to have the oldest and most stable civilisation in western Immoren, with records dating back over eight millennia and have maintained neutrality in the affairs of humans for thousands of years. Many clans appoint their warriors as mercenaries both for profit and to ensure that their armies remain battle-tested and ready for action; their activity outside the nation is governed by the Searforge Commission.[1][2]