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Race Cephalyx
Gender None
Weapons Prosthetic Blades
Birth c. 200 AR
Exulon Thexus is the current leader of the cephalyx hive under the Thornwood. Possessed of the most crushingly powerful intellect of his kind, Thexus is an unconventional member of the cephalyx elite. He has restored his hive to greatness by entering into an unprecedented alliance with Cryx.

Physical Characteristics

Thexus' refusal to accept the limitations of the flesh drove him to indulge in radical methods to surpass them. Though all exulons augment their brains to magnify their psychic powers, Thexus has gone far beyond his peers, enduring dangerous and excruciating procedures to massively expand his brain mass. Now Thexus feels he has augmented his brain as far as he can through customary means; he intends to be the first of his kind to achieve transcendence into a creature of pure thought.[1]


Having existed for over four hundred years, Thexus has shrewdly negotiated the politics of his kind, dominating mental inferiors and manipulating his rivals in order to surpass or destroy them.[1]

Thexus' hive experienced significant setbacks in the mid 500s AR, losing a substantial portion of its strength as well as several of its leading exulons. There was no single cause for this decline but rather a sequence of disasters. These included a costly dregg infestation in the 550s, followed by several defeats at the hands of the Convergence of Cyriss, which had been expanding bases into the hivey. The hive was already weak and vulnerable when Cryxians began to infiltrate the Thornwood in 586 AR, seeking to establish their own subterranean presence in the area.[1]

The initial consensus among the exulons was to abandon the hive and either relocate or join a stronger hive. Thexus offered an alternative: he had received unexpected contact from the Cryxian leadership expressing interest in a nonviolent, mutually beneficial solution. The other hive leaders disagreed with Thexus, unwilling to enter into communication with outsiders.[1]

No sooner had the other exulons denied his motion than Thexus isolated and eliminated the strongest of them. Before the rest could organise to retaliate, he called for another assembly and calmly presented his proposal again. This time he achieved consensus and the hive entered into an alliance with Cryx. Thexus spoke for his hive, while Iron Lich Asphyxious spoke for Lich Lord Thalassina of Cryx.[1]

In the ensuing negotiations, Thexus’ hive acquired a promise that in any of its military engagements in the region Cryx would set aside a percentage of POWs to be turned over to the cephalyx. In return, the hive would assist Cryx to create an extensive underground complex whose chambers would partially overlap with the cephalyx’s. The two agreed to share labour and technology, as well as mutual defence and limited joint military endeavours.[1]

While some of Thexus’ rivals were uncertain about entering into such a close relationship with a foreign power, the alliance quickly proved its value. The hive received an unprecedented influx of slaves, allowing them to restore their supply of drudges and monstrosities. In less than a decade the hive’s military strength exceeded any previous numbers.[1]

In 600 AR, Thexus seized the Foundry of Astroseismology from Ghil Lucant the Convergence. He and his subordinates stay here for eight years, repurposing the Cyrissist machines for their hive and exploiting its power generators to create a large number of drudges.[1]

In 608 AR, the Convergence strikes back at the facility and manages to recapture it. However, Thexus is satisfied that he accomplished his goals during its occupation. Furthermore, he acquired additional military assets and vital intelligence that may prove invaluable in future conflicts.[1]


Thexus is both uncompromising and pragmatically efficient, willing to send his minions to their destruction to further his long-reaching plans. The power he wields has given him a ravenous hunger that drives him to consume the psyches of his foes. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than rending and absorbing lesser minds to feed his own. Though Thexus does not hesitate to join battle personally, he is protective of his mortality. He prefers to observe from a distance, manipulating mental tethers to arrange for victory.[1]