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Cryx.png Aiakos Cryx.png

Scourge of the Meredius


Race Human (Scharde)
Gender Male
Weapons Harpoon
Birth Unknown
Aiakos, the Scourge of the Meredius, is a Cryxian pirate and warcaster who has honed his skills through years of piracy upon the Meredius. He moves with his battlegroup like a specter of death both at sea and on land, striking down foes with wicked effectiveness. Aiakos has already earned infamy through deeds both brazen and savage. His reputation is a credit to his cunning, ruthlessness, and indomitable will.[1]


Aiakos was born in the port city of Blackwater. As with the way of things in Cryx - once a child is deemed old enough, he has to fend for himself - Aiakos was forced to the streets at the age of eleven, and joined the local Quay Slayers gang as a means of survival. In 600 AR, Aiakos rose to become the gang leader Dasko's second-in-command. Aiakos fought regularly in the Blackwater fighting pits, both to earn extra coin and to keep his battle skills honed. His many victories only enhanced his reputation among the Quay Slayers and the rival gangs they often battled.[2]

After five years serving under Dasko, Aiakos starts to resent his boss and begins to think about killing Dasko and taking control, though he is hesitant because there's no challenge to it, and once he's in control it wouldn’t matter. Even the lowest pirate has a freedom no gang leader could boast, to steal a life for themselves, as much as their ambition, cunning, and strength allow.[2]

In 605 AR, when Captain Grivus Bloodbrine docks in Blackwater and announces his intention to recruit some fighters to replace lost crew, Aiakos sees his opportunity. After Aiakos proved himself in the fighting pit, Bloodbrine gave him a place on his ship, the Scythe. For the next six months, the Scythe prowls the Ordic coast, picking off lone merchant vessels and filling the hold with plunder. Aiakos participates in eight boarding attacks and kills more men than any of Bloodbrine’s skirmishers, save one: Viger, his former brother among the Quay Slayers. After six months, Aiakos is already feared and respected among his vicious peers.[2]

Near the beginning of 606 AR, Admiral Axiara Wraithblade of the Black Fleet requisitions the Scythe and two other pirate vessels against the Viper, an Ordic merchant ship. While the two smaller ships deal with the Viper's escort, the Scythe crew is assigned to board the Viper, kill the crew, and take what Axiara wants. Aiakos' warcaster talents first manifested during this battle, and after the victory, he is taken aboard Axiara's ship, the Morbid Angel.[2]

Four days after, in preparation for a raid on a depot near Berck, Aiakos accepts a mission from Axiara to take out the lights from the nearby Ordic lighthouse, with only three Leviathans at his disposal. He manages to achieve his objective, but in the process the nearby Ordic warships are alerted. Axiara tells Aiakos to stay on her ship so she can ensure him learn to harness and grow his power. When the warships catch up to them, the Morbid Angel flees, leaving Captain Bloodbrine, the Scythe, and its skeleton crew to their fate.[2]

In 607 AR, Aiakos takes part in Pirate Queen Skarre Ravenmane’s raid on Port Vladovar, where he helps break the garrison by slaughtering officers in front of their men. His name is whispered in dread among coastal communities from Khador to Cygnar, where he has left grisly trophies at the husks of villages he has burned to the ground. His deeds have started to draw the attention of Cryx’s generals, who wonder if he might be shaped into something more interesting than simply cannon fodder.[1]


More than anything, Aiakos prizes his autonomy. He answers when called to battle but takes his leave as soon as his responsibilities are fulfilled. This aloofness extends into his approach on the battlefield. He prefers to strike from the shadows, separate from the main force, using his arcane power and agility to catch his prey unaware. It is in those moments when he feels his opponents’ lives torn away by his blade that he feels his own freedom most keenly.[1]

To Aiakos, the thought of surrendering breath and blood for the cold eternity of undeath is abhorrent. Becoming a mindless thrall and being forced to endure centuries of servitude with just enough of his former self remaining to understand how far he’d fallen is the most awful fate he could imagine.[2]