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The angelius is a great dragonspawn crafted to lead the flying hosts of Everblight to victory. The sinuous form of the angelius represents the renewed confidence and arrogance of Everblight: that the dragon has dared unleash this spawn is a sign of his awakened might writ large for other dragons to see.


The angelius first appeared around 1400 AR, near the end of Everblight's time in the Dark Kingdom of Morrdh. Grown powerful, confident, and too comfortable in his influence over the Morrdhic lords, Everblight created the angelius as both a gift to his most favoured vassals and a reminder of his watchful eye. The angelius served well to placate the loyal and terrify the more recalcitrant lords.[1]

In delivering one of its master’s lessons, the angelii killed several lords who had openly defied Everblight. This was one of his grave mistakes, for the serpentine spawn was spotted by agents of Lord Toruk. Recognising the mark of its creator, the Dragonfather immediately discerned the progeny responsible. Because of Everblight’s display of arrogance, his father eventually unearthed his hiding place and nearly killed him. After taking shelter in Blindwater Lake, Everblight realised he could not spawn the angelius again until the benefits outweighed the risk of drawing attention.[1]

In 606 AR, the Legion of Everblight prepares to march upon the Castle of the Keys, and Everblight knows angelii would be necessary to assist his warlocks in striking down Pyromalfic, the resident dragon. After two weeks of specific preparation, Thagrosh mingles a seraph’s blood with his own, and the first angelius of the new age rips into the sky.[1]


Everblight created the angelius to fall upon his enemies like a sword from the sky and obliterate them utterly. While other spawn descend upon the masses to shred the rank and file, the aloof angelius glides serenely above and selects victims at its master’s behest. Its tail strikes with blinding speed, impaling its victims with a ferocity belying its serpentine grace, then it rises from the slain foe with a single great sweep of its triple wings. The angelius is in constant motion, flying over the battlefield and killing with impunity while evading enemies beneath its notice.[1]