Anson Durst

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Rock of the Faith


Race Human (Sulese)
Gender Male
Weapons Recompense
Birth Unknown
Anson Durst is a warcaster of the Order of the Wall dubbed the Rock of the Faith, an epithet he earned fighting the enemies of the Protectorate of Menoth. He is the rock on which the enemies of the Protectorate break, a bulwark to the faithful who weathers tides of violence to keep innocents safe. Though he has no interest in the theosophical ruminations occupying some of his brothers, none can question his devotion to the paladin creed.[1]


Anson Durst is a giant among men, a full head taller and considerably wider than even a fellow paladin. His heavy armour is of a more modern style, recently forged by the Sul-Menite Artificers and equipped with the arcane turbine that marks him as a warcaster.[1]


Already remarked for his size and strength, Durst entered the Order of the Wall at the age of ten. He took readily to combat training, but his mighty temper nearly undid him. At the age of twelve, Durst killed another boy in a rage. The tragic event scarred Durst deeply and drove him to an intense commitment to the paladin code. He still seeks to atone for the stain on his soul, finding solace in the discipline of his order and employing his strength to protect others.[1]

Durst's talent as a warcaster is discovered in 607 AR, when he's guarding the Protectorate’s border at a northern garrison. Thrust into the role of military leader during the onset of the Cygnaran invasion of Sul, Durst fights as part of a force of Temple Flameguard and paladins to repel wave after wave of invaders. As the war rages on, his warjacks advance in tight formation alongside his soldiers, countless times preventing harm to his men.[1]

Durst joins the Northern Crusade in late 608 AR. Midway through his trip to the former Llaelese city of Leryn, he's sent instead to meet with Intercessor Mikael Kreoss, who was already marching south into the Thornwood. After the order to join Kreoss reaches him, he seeks out Grand Paladin Trenton Bouridor for advice. Bouridor exhorts him to remain true to his code and his faith above all else. He's not an exemplar: the clergy must be respected, but his soul belongs to Menoth, and it's to Menoth he would ultimately answer.[1]

Durst meets up with Kreoss and Hierarch Severius in the Thornwood, on the eve of a joint operation with Khador and Cygnar against Cryx. When the hierarch attempts to renege on his plans with the Khadorans and holds back when Vladimir Tzepesci signals for them, Durst acts on his own accord against the Cryxians and forcing Severius to fulfil his end of the bargain.[1]


Though committed to his oaths, Anson Durst is first and foremost a military asset of the Protectorate. His main desire is to stand between the faithful and their enemies, but the Great Crusade requires him to obey priests who sometimes see him as a weapon with which to crush the faithless. Ever true to his faith and his paladin oath, he continually seeks to find balance between his duty as a warcaster and remaining true to his code.[1]


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