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Archidons are enormous, flying, predatory reptiles that live in the mountain ranges scattered across the Bloodstone Desert.[1]


Archidons are ambush predators and are most at home in the Stormlands, where they usually attack from the cover of clouds, lightning and thunder. Archidons are not discriminating predators: though they prefer smaller prey like skorne, they are capable of working together to hunt larger animals. Against smaller prey, archidons hurl the victim high into the air with a single toss of their powerful necks, letting it smash down upon the jagged stones. Against bigger prey, sieges of archidons coordinate their hunts via deafening screams, move in unison and descend upon its quarry with shocking alacrity, ripping into them with their bony maws before quickly moving out of reach of retaliation. Archidons can render even the largest titan to maimed and helpless within minutes and then wait for the beast to bleed out before landing for the kill.[1]


Skorne leaders in the Army of the Western Reaches have put out the call for more archidons to be acquired. Their availability relatively close to the new skorne fortifications in western Immoren adds to their appeal. Even with the methods to break and train them still being refined, capturing and preparing archidons for battle still require far less investment than acquiring fresh titan stock from the Skorne Empire.[1]


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