Avatar of Menoth

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The-protectorate-of-menoth.png Avatar of Menoth The-protectorate-of-menoth.png

Protectorate Heavy Warjack


Weapons Burning Wrath
Divine Shield
Height 3.96m
Weight 9.75 tons
Fuel load 400.52 kg
Fuel usage 5.5 hours general
75 mins combat
Chassis designer Vassals of Menoth
Harbinger of Menoth
Initial service date 606 AR
The Avatar of Menoth is a sanctified warjack designed by the words of the Harbinger and powered by the will of Menoth alone. It walks unfettered through the carnage of battle heedless of mortal will or interest.[1]


The construction of the Avatar of Menoth is personally supervised by the Harbinger. The vassals who build the Avatar are said to have been driven by some unseen force that completely dominate their wills. They labour endlessly, enraptured with the calling of her prayers and the canon spilling from her lips. Amid a haze of incense and the wafting of fumes from sanctified censers, the Vassals toil, unable to fathom the manufacture of what they're constructing, Menoth’s will guiding their hands as they painstakingly craft each part to divinely inspired specifications before offering it to be anointed. Mortal minds do not experience the design for long, for the schematics of the Avatar’s design are stricken from their minds to leave nothing but a sense of awe and foreboding.[1]

At the end of their labours, the Harbinger places her hands on the sides of the Avatar’s helm and whispers the Creator’s final imperative to his newest creation. The massive construct comes to life, growling like a beast awakened from ancient slumber, and lumbers through the gates of the foundry into the desert. The Harbinger and a legion of aspirants and acolytes proudly follow in its footsteps, their prayers resounding with the words of the Canon of the True Law.[1]

Shortly after its creation, the Avatar, along the Testament of Menoth, Amon Ad-Raza and Dartan Vilmon, accompanies the Harbinger when she journeys north to intercept a great evil in the Thornwood. After her sacrifice to liberate the Menite souls trapped in the ancient Orgoth Temple Garrodh, the Avatar fights side-by-side with the Testament and Vilmon to preserve the Harbinger’s body and soul and journey back to Imer to deliver her to Hierarch Garrick Voyle.[2]

In 607 AR, the Avatar participates in the invasion of Caspia, led by Hierarch Voyle himself. After Voyle falls in battle, the Avatar carries his body on the Divine Shield to Imer to be buried with proper honour and dignity.[3]

The Avatar later heads north to Leryn with the Harbinger to join the new Hierarch Severius on the Northern Crusade. When Severius and Mikael Kreoss march into the Thornwood against Cryx, the Avatar stays in Leryn on its own volition.[4][5]


In its right hand the Avatar wields a massive blade named Burning Wrath. It is inscribed with the words of prayers that have not been spoken aloud in millennia and wreathed with holy flames that pour forth from its surface. In its left hand the Avatar bears the Divine Shield. This shield carries the words of the Lawgiver spoken to the first Menites as he raised the first wall. Consecrated to turn away blades, bullets and magic, the Avatar’s shield is a powerful guard rendering the holy warjack safe from harm.[1][4]

The Avatar is not guided by a cortex like most other warjacks. So far as the faithful is aware, its name is no mere hyperbole; it is believed to be the walking incarnation of Menoth’s wrath on Caen. Even the Harbinger cannot guide this supreme manifestation of Menoth.[4]


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