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Convergence.png Axis Convergence.png

Harmonic Enforcer


Race Human
Gender Male
Weapons Action
Birth Unknown
Axis the Harmonic Enforcer is a prominent warcaster of the Convergence of Cyriss who is still remaining in his living body. None among the Convergence have embraced the conflict of the Phase of Alignment as fervently as Axis. His dedication to crushing any who oppose the Great Work is matched only by his devotion to Cyriss herself.[1]


From a young age Axis joined a sect of radical Cyrissists that threatened the Convergence by drawing too much unwanted attention. In 580 AR, the priestess Viana, who would go to become Iron Mother Directrix, was sent to exterminate the cult. She eliminated the other leaders of the sect but spared Axis, seeing his devotion and raw talents as qualities she could forge into a weapon. Axis saw Directrix as the chosen of the goddess and gladly served as her enforcer. She sent him forth to quash enemies of the faith, a task he committed to with unswerving enthusiasm. His deep loyalty to Directrix has only intensified over the decades, along with the troubles that plague his fractured mind.[1][2][3]


Axis is not entirely sane: he is prone to racing, incoherent thoughts, violent impulses, and visions that impose the formulae of the goddess across everything he sees. He displays a wild-eyed zeal that unnerves other members of the Convergence. He sometimes lapses mid-sentence into recitation of the Nine Harmonics and often forgets to eat, bathe, or even extract himself from his armour for days at a time. His peers believe his mind has cracked beneath the weight of the gifts Cyriss has given him.[1]

Having long prided himself on his powerful physique, he fears mortality; age has recently begun to take its toll, and he knows his erratic mind may preclude him from transference to a clockwork vessel. To deny these thoughts, he applies his energy in battle, finding satisfaction in the one service he can provide the goddess better than any other.[1]


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