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Khador.png Berserker Khador.png

Khador Heavy Warjack


Weapons Twin War Axes
Height 3.3528 meters/11 feet
Weight 8.4 tons
Fuel load 324.3185 kg/ 715 lbs
Fuel usage 5 hours general, 55 mins combat
Chassis designer Khadoran mechaniks assembly
Initial service date 430 AR
The Berserker is a heavy Warjack used by Khador. They are the oldest warjacks in service to Khador and among the oldest used by any modern army.[1]


The venerable Berserker is a testament to the durability and timelessness of Khador Jack design, inservice for over 175 years.[1] The advanced age of their cortexes has caused them to suffer advance degradation. Berserkers are well known for their thirst for violence and are prone to charge off into combat without being given orders to do so. Worse, the cortex degradation are compromised to the point of suffering catastrophic failure when imbued with to much arcane energy.[1] The continued use of the Berserker is a continuing debate within the Khador military, with some seeing its traits as benefits to be exploited and others seeing them as only worthy of the scrapyard. Orsus Zoktavir, himself know for his instability and violence, has expressed concern over the stability of Berserker. [1][2]The Berserker chassis has been adapted in to Mad Dog and the Rager, which like their parent warjack suffer from degraded cortexes and are dying off due to no production of new units.


The Berserker is armed with two war axes. Due to its degraded cortex if to much arcane energy is channeled in to it, it could suffer a catastrophic explosion, destroying the warjack and all who happen to be near it.[1]


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