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Legion-of-everblight.png Bethayne Legion-of-everblight.png

Voice of Everblight


Race Nyss
Gender Female
Weapons Talons of Everblight
Birth Unknown
Bethayne is an ex-priestess of Nyssor who currently serves the dragon Everblight as one of his warlocks. She fills the spiritual void among the blighted Nyss by teaching them devotion to a draconic god whose tangible blight had blessed them with transformation. Her fanatical devotion to Everblight is at least partially an attempt to mask the feelings of shame and guilt for betraying her vows to Nyssor and not having the courage to die.


From childhood, Bethayne possessed the gift of persuasion and could stir listeners’ emotions with her words. She became a priestess of Nyssor from a very young age and was honoured to dwell at the central Fane of Nyssor, where the god’s frozen form was protected. She demonstrated an unusual sensitivity to spiritual doctrine as well as a keen artistic talent that manifested through sculpture. Her versatile and enthusiastic mind allowed her to excel as she matured, easily mastering the disciplines required of a priestess and showing a particular talent for oration.[1]

In 602 AR, Vayl Hallyr arranged to meet Bethayne away from fane grounds. Vayl quickly earned Bethayne’s confidence as they conversed at length on a dizzying array of topics. Bethayne had never felt her mind engaged so deeply, and her friendship with the older woman grew. When Vayl professed growing doubts about her faith and the stewardship of Nyssor, she planted subversive seeds in the priestess that would grow in time.[1]

Three years later, in the midst of the coming of Thagrosh Hellborne, as Nyssor is carried to Khador, Bethayne stands among those left to defend the fane grounds. She is prepared to give her life in defence of her people and her faith but was shocked to see Vayl amid the enemy. Vayl speaks of the draconic god who makes his followers strong in his own image — one not impotent like the ailing Nyssor. As proof she indicates the destruction around them: no miracles come to save the Nyss. Vayl offers Bethayne a place among the inheritors of their people’s legacy, serving as a leader of the dragon’s emerging army.[1]

Bethayne feels the allure of Vayl's blight, the awakening of her doubts. Her mind splinters, and she raises her blade, hoping to find release from self-loathing in death. Vayl instantly freezes her with the power of winter that should have shielded a priestess of Nyssor. Bethayne’s mind raves at her helplessness until Thagrosh arrives to offer respite from her inner demons; Vayl has petitioned that Bethayne be initiated as a warlock, speaking of Bethayne with pride and praising her untapped potential.[1]

Thagrosh asks her to choose: forsake her vows or die. Part of Bethayne’s mind and soul welcome the thought of death, but in a moment of weakness she accepts Everblight as her master. When she receives her athanc shard all doubts vanished. Her previous calling seems empty compared to the glorious unity she feels when her mind joins with the dragon’s.[1]

In the days ahead, Bethayne demonstrates her zeal as she follows Vayl in killing and converting the last of the resisting Nyss. Bethayne is instrumental in convincing several shards to surrender.[1]

Yearning for creative expression, she begins to experiment with Everblight’s spawn. In a moment of perfect adulation she's able to sculpt Belphagor, a creature that embodies her love and fear of Everblight but that also gives expression to the missing piece of her soul.[1]

Bethayne does not participate in the Legion's assault on the Castle of the Keys against the dragon Pyromalfic. After their victory, she heads to the mountains in the border between Ios and Rhul to join the rest of the warlocks and their armies. When they feel a sharp pain, Everblight announces to them that Blighterghast has sent a summons and tried to exclude him. He thinks the dragons are called not because Toruk stirs, but because of himself. A few days later, when Thagrosh sees two dragons passing high overhead, Everblight sends most of his chosen hastening away in various directions, only leaving Thagrosh, Vayl and Absylonia back to brace for possible attack. Even though the dragons only fly past without attacking, Everblight does not give his leave for the warlocks to return.[1]

Bethayne travels south towards the Bloodstone Marches, and at the Castle of the Keys she finds the skorne tower atop that battleground broken by Scaefang. On the Black River somewhere south of Corvis, Bethayne is set upon by a Cryxian column. She is forced to sacrifice the entirety of her escort to escape the Cryxians, only to be found and captured by the farrow. The human mad scientist Dr. Arkadius puts her on a dissection table, but she manages to convince him not to cut her open, while simultaneously contacting Vayl through their athanc shards and asking for her help.[1][2]

Bethayne discusses with Arkadius about dragonspawn and war hogs until his assistant Targ announces the coming of a Cryxian army, and suggests to him to offer Bethayne to them to make them leave. Once again she makes use of her oratory skills to persuade Arkadius into letting her fight alongside them: her allies are coming, while the Cryxians won't care about the details of his involvement and will destroy him regardless. Arkadius grudgingly accepts, and Bethayne contacts Vayl again who tells her to look for Annyssa Ryvaal, leader of the Legion's raptors, and her swiftest hunters. Once the Cryxians are driven away, Bethayne forgives Arkadius for capturing her, then returns with the Legion army to Rhul.[1]

A few months after, Bethayne is sent to Ord alongside Absylonia, Lylyth, Saeryn, Rhyas and Kallus to intercept a Cryxian column carrying an athanc which they found through unknown means. However, their army are bogged down by the Circle Orboros near the Ordic border.[3]


Bethayne is a confident, audacious woman with a razor-sharp mind and the words to reach the hearts and minds of those around her. Once set upon a course she has no patience for indecision or doubt. When she merges with Belphagor, primal instincts call to her and she can lose herself in the exultation of slaughter. With it her flesh is made whole and she experiences true communion with her god.[1]