Blindwater Congregation

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Blindwater Congregation

Blindwater Flag

Leader: Bloody Barnabas
Common name: Blindwater
Capital: Blindwater Lake
Formation: 608 AR
Currency: N/A
Other names: N/A
Demonym: Blindwater
Official language: Quor-gar
Other languages: Quor-og
The Blindwater Congregation is a growing cult of gatormen and bog trogs. Led by the ancient warrior and mystic Bloody Barnabas, this cult schemes to deliver the tide of bloodshed their master requires to fuel an apocalyptic ascension to godhood. Together with several powerful bokors who have joined his cause, Barnabas and his followers have enslaved all the bog trogs of Blindwater Lake, the Fenn Marsh, and the Marchfells.

Military Forces

Blindwater Warlocks

Blindwater Warbeasts

Light Heavy