Bradigus Thorle

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Race Human
Gender Male
Weapons Stones
Birth Unknown
Bradigus Thorle is one of the potents of the Circle Orboros stationed in the Eastern Dominion. He is a master of stone and elemental power, an expert craftsman well versed in the esoteric arts required to construct the great standing stones and celestial fulcrums that harness Caen’s geomantic forces.


In 608 AR, Bradigus Thorle participates in a Grand Conclave Tribunal in the Wyrmwall Mountains with the Circle's potents and omnipotents except for Krueger the Stormlord and Baldur the Stonecleaver. The matter at hand is an accusation of fomenting insurrection and turning traitor, levied by Omnipotent Dahlekov against Krueger. After Dahlekov presents his case, Omnipotent Mohsar agrees with him, though surprisingly Lortus speaks in defence of Krueger. Since the omnipotents are not in accord, Mohsar asks the potents for their consensus - per ancient laws, the penalty of death for a potent requires a sublime majority. Though clearly hesitant, Bradigus Thorle eventually gives in and votes Krueger guilty after every other potent has done so.[1]

As the potents prepare to disperse, Wurmwood suddenly appears with Cassius the Oathkeeper. Cassius affirms Krueger is no traitor to the Circle - the Tree of Fate has the right to offer opinion when the omnipotents are not in unanimous accord. Morvahna the Autumnblade speaks in defiance of Wurmwood, but since Wurmwood's vote has greater weight than that of the collective potents, Bradigus Thorle pulls her back before she could approach Cassius, then Mohsar declares the sublime majority broken and the sentence rescinded.[1]

Later, when Baldur and Morvahna are conducting a rite at the Bones of Orboros in the Eastern Dominion to collapse part of the Thornwood tunnels and disrupt a Cryxian operation, Bradigus Thorle and Tamora the Longshadow are charged with directing the defences against an invading skorne army led by Void Seer Mordikaar from the west and Supreme Archdomina Makeda from the east. Thorle attempts to stop the enemies from the east by whipping the Hawksmire River into a violent frenzy, though it was too late to stop Makeda's army from crossing to the other side.[2]

As the defences start failing, Mohsar suddenly teleports in. Making use of two celestial fulcrums carved by Thorle, the omnipotent augments his own power enough to banish Mordikaar deep into the desert, obliterating one of the Circle's easternmost sacred sites in the process. Mohsar helps Baldur and Morvahna finish the ritual, then quickly teleport the entire Circle force away.[2]

After the battle, Mohsar sends Bradigus Thorle to the Rotterhorn to assess and repair the damage done to the ley lines. As he sends his consciousness into the ley line network, he senses Krueger's mind probing the ley lines with an intensity equal to his own. Thorle attempts to contact Krueger and inquires on his interest. Krueger explains he's hastening the return of his army in the Glimmerwood and tells Thorke he bears no ill will towards him for voting for his death in the Tribunal, though he refuses to reveal more. Krueger then advises Thorle he and his subordinates should stay at the Rotterhorn instead of acting too hastily, before cutting the connection.[3]

As Thorle prepares to rebuild the distant site, he's alarmed to see other irregularities: vast flows of energy are somehow being redirected to the region north of Lake Scarleforth and east of the Hawksmire River. Coming out of his trance, he summons his army and arrive at the Scabbard Hills through the ley lines. Finding the shifting stones have been damaged, Thorle orders the stone keepers to repair them and gather more stone from a nearby quarry.[3]

Thorle's army soon comes under attack by an army of bog trogs and gatormen, whose leader he recognises as Jaga-Jaga, a bokor who fought for him seven seasons ago. After the initial attack is repelled, Thorle offers to speak to the gatormen. Jaga-Jaga tells him his force is unimportant - her target lies beyond him - but she won't hesitate to destroy him either. Thorle attempts to convince them to go another way to avoid bloodshed, but Jaga-Jaga warns him: the Blindwater Congregation seeks bloodshed and doesn't have time to go another way before returning to her camp.[3]

Bradigus Thorle start to consider calling for reinforcements until Wurmwood and Cassius appear. Cassius orders him to let the gatormen pass and assures him they won't destroy the stones - his work can resume later. Thorle initially objects, but has to relent after Wurmwood reveals to him the channels of power doesn't belong to Thorle, but to Wurmwood. As the gatormen approach, Thorle withdraws his force and vows he would commit to a full reckoning against both the gatormen and Wurmwood, whatever the consequences, if a single standing stone is disturbed.[3]

After the gatormen keep their word and leave, Thorle reports to Mohsar and reveals to him the gatormen's actions, as well as Wurmwood's involvement in the drain of ley line energy in both the Eastern and Southern Dominions. He suspects a great ritual will soon be initiated, then returns to his work.[4]


Thorle eschews most political machinations within the Circle, preferring to keep company with the silent wolds. Comfortable with the dictates of the omnipotents and unyielding in the face of adversity, he focuses on whatever task is before him. He is a steadfast and loyal leader who diligently tends to his responsibilities, knowing his work is essential to the order. Only in battle does Thorle break from his aloof demeanour. To him, combat is an outlet for unexpressed rage at those who disrupt or destroy his work.[3]