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Brute boars are the result of gigantism among the farrow race. Farrow females infrequently give birth to a farrow of exceptional size and limited intelligence instead of a standard litter. They are sometimes utilised as warbeasts by farrow tribes, and neither the farrow nor outsiders consider them farrow. Brute boars that serve the warlocks of the Thornfall Alliance are sometimes equipped with more advanced weapons.


Brute boars are more intelligent than common animals, able to wield crude weapons, but lack the higher mental faculties of even the dullest typical farrow. In the wild, brute boars fall back on their animal instincts and become solitary creatures, often competing directly with their former tribes for food and territory. The most cunning of them survive and flourish in the wild. Over a few generations, a region may become home to numerous brute boars, which will then begin to breed. Brute boars never produce regular farrow and sometimes bear even larger offspring known as giant hogs.[1][2]

Brute boars can be found in a wide range of environments across western Immoren. Because they are often pushed out of general farrow society, they are typically found hunting and scavenging near areas with a sizable farrow population. Individuals or small groups of brute boars sometimes wander farther afield to secure their own territory.[1]

When a brute boar first moves into an area, it searches for a dependable food source and rudimentary shelter, usually a dense patch of underbrush and trees or a small cave. Brute boars have a powerful sense of smell, which they use when foraging for food. Although brute boars are opportunistic omnivores, the difficulty of securing dependable food sources for a creature this large often drives them into conflict with rural human populations, whose farmlands can provide the boars with ample and easily obtained food.[1]


Newborn brute boars are sometimes killed outright by poorer tribes, whose elders know that feeding and controlling them will be an ongoing problem. Boars also might be used as beasts of burden, although they are stubborn and prone to lashing out. As these beasts mature, they become increasingly difficult to control, as does their ever-increasing appetite. If a brute boar becomes too much of a problem, the farrow will typically drive it from the tribe rather than kill it, as a small mercy.[1]

If the tribe has a warlock among their number, the warlock will control these young and make use of them. Traditionally, most brute boars have been trained for battle through simple, straightforward, skull-cracking combat. Trained battle boars learn to call upon swells of adrenaline to batter opponents to pieces under their enhanced strength. Farrow tribes prize these boars for their fighting prowess, physical strength, and stamina.[1][3]

Through the intervention of Dr. Arkadius, battle boars can be unleashed nearly immediately with minimal training. Each boar is fitted with an alchemical pump that supplements the beast’s natural adrenaline. A complex mixture of strength-inducing chemicals is stored in a tank mounted to the boar’s back, with tubes connecting the apparatus to the circulatory system. When the system is activated, it pumps the glowing green serum directly into the battle boar’s heart and bloodstream. The infusion induces an immediate surge of strength and speed while also facilitating battle instincts. The Thornfall Alliance has been eager to use such modifications to quickly turn their brute boars into superior killing machines.[3]

Gun boars are trained from among the smartest brute boars. In addition to being able to haul artillery and ammunition without fatigue, a gun boar must also be capable of effectively using its weapon. Gun boars are taught the basic operation of the cannons and ability to distinguish between friend and foe before being sent into the field. Farrow warlocks consider gun boars to be incredibly valuable because of their intelligence and rarely commit them to frontline fighting. In a desperate situation, a retreating farrow force will instruct gun boars to drop their guns to facilitate their escape, as replacing cannons is easier than replacing beasts that can use them.[2]

The splatter boar is the combination of the alchemical experimentation of Dr. Arkadius and modern farrow engineering. Splatter boars are armed with a mortar and a lever to adjust the mortar's angle, but only the smartest learn to fire with any accuracy. The splatter boar has several different chemicals to feed the mortar: persistent acids, smoke clouds and panic-inducing gas. A gas mask fitted to each splatter boar renders them immune to their ammunition.[3]


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