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The carnivean is one of the largest and most powerful of Everblight's dragonspawn. Standing three and a half metres tall, they stride alongside the blighted Nyss as beasts of pure destruction. Consumed by a desire to fight and slaughter, carniveans are among the deadliest of Everblight’s spawn.[1]


In ancient days, Everblight rarely called on the carniveans. Even the black kingdom of Morrdh was rarely granted command of these creatures. They arose only in times of the greatest peril to the Black Kingdom’s masters.[1][2]

Physical Characteristics

Carniveans have a lean and muscular lower torso. They are quite stable, thanks to the four limbs used for ambulation, and also demonstrate great balance and ability to cross difficult terrain. The bulkier upper body is massively muscled and has oversized forelimbs primarily used as weapons. Like all of Everblight’s spawn, the carnivean's jaws are powerful, with teeth designed for ripping and tearing.[1]

Bony protrusions cover every inch of a carnivean, and its thick scales provide more protection than any natural hide. The plates are overlapping and articulated to allow a carnivean to move with a sinuous grace despite its large size. Long, serrated spines growing from these plates serve as a deterrent, and a warlock can impel the beast to undergo a rapid transformation that causes countless others to erupt from its flesh.[1]

The carnivean’s most devastating weapon is its ability to disgorge a fiery acidic mixture that quickly melts flesh. While this is nowhere near as powerful as a dragon's fire, it serves well to annihilate lesser creatures. The sight of the fire incinerating their comrades has caused entire armies to flee in terror.[1]

Warlocks of the Legion cannot quickly or easily create carniveans, as they require a great investment. This not only explains their rarity, it means their loss is a serious blow to their owners.[1]