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Circle Orboros

Circle Flag

Circle Map

Leader: Dahlekov the Scourging Wind
Mohsar the Desertwalker
Lortus the Watcher
Common name: Circle
Capital: N/A
Formation: Unknown
Currency: N/A
Other names: N/A
Demonym: Circle
Official language: Cygnaran, Khadoran, Molgur-Tharn
Other languages:
The Circle Orboros is the most ancient unbroken human organization extant in western Immoren, the product of thousands of years of coordinated efforts to master nature’s powers. Obscured in dark cloth and long, black cloaks, the members of this organisation are known to outsiders as blackclads. Some in the wilds look to druids of the Circle as prophets and priests of the Devourer Wurm. While the blackclads draw supernatural power from the chaos embodied by the Devourer and describe the natural world in a way not entirely dissimilar to Dhunian shamans, they have a complex philosophy and an approach to the natural world that is all their own. The blackclads believe both the Wurm and Dhunia are manifestations of a single primal and all-pervasive entity they call Orboros.

Blackclads recognize the Wurm as the destructive consciousness of the primal Orboros and work to ensure it remains distracted by its eternal war against Menoth. Though the Wurm is the wellspring of the power they wield, it is a terrifying force whose attention they do not wish to draw. The vital force that drives the Wurm is the lifeblood of Caen, the natural energy flowing through the veins and arteries of Orboros. The druids can sense and tap into these conduits, which they call ley lines, and work tirelessly to ensure this supernatural system remains strong.

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