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Convergence.png Conservator Convergence.png

Heavy Vector


Armament Kinetic Ablator Bucklers
Ablator Blades
Reaction Engine
Height 3.61m
Weight 5.7 tons
0 when active
Peak Operational Duration 2.25 hours
Current Design Iteration 9
Lead Innovator Forge Master Syntherion
Initial service date 594 AR
The Conservator is the first heavy vector to harness the arcane displacer drive. It was engineered to leverage the benefits provided by the new technology in both offensive and defensive capacities. The Conservator is a popular choice among priests expecting to come into close contact with opposing forces.


The Conservator is equipped with sturdy shields and low-traction gyros that allow it to intercept attacks directed at its controller with great alacrity. On offense, the Conservator boasts spin-control field drives in each of its ablator blades. In addition to granting supplemental kinetic energy to the weapons, the devices empower secondary collection fields that capture energy released in the destruction of clockwork vessels and then convert that energy into a temporary surge of power directed back into the ablator blades. Freed from the hampering influence of gravity, the Conservator gains unparalleled freedom of movement and confer enhanced tactical advantage to clockwork priests. In essence, a Conservator functions as both a bodyguard for clockwork priests and as a hovering weapon of retaliation.[1]

The engineers of the Convergence have adapted the Conservator chassis to fulfill many different battlefield roles. Its variants include the Assimilator and the Modulator.[1]