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Convergence.png Corollary Convergence.png

Light Vector


Armament Unknown
Height 6"8' feet
Weight 1.25 tons
Peak Operational Duration 2.5 hours combat
Current Design Iteration 10
Lead Innovator Forge Master Syntherion
Initial service date 593 AR

The Corollary is a hovering light vector designed to support Convergence warcasters and armies in various ways.[1]


The Corollary, designed by Forge Master Syntherion, was the first vector to benefit from advances in arcane displacer drives, which have been long used by Convergence servitors to be held aloft.[1]


The unarmed Corollary occupies a unique niche in the Convergence’s arsenal. The residual energies generated by a warcaster and other vectors in combat are captured by a set of irises recessed in the Corollary’s hull, stored in arcane accumulators inside the Corollary, then dispensed at the warcaster’s command to empower other vectors. Additional relays serve to extend his range of control.[1]

In battle, the Corollary orbits its warcaster, constantly reorienting itself to most efficiently collect arcane emanations. It can act as a conduit for another vector’s focus inductors, boosting it with a charge of power.[1]