Cygnaran Civil War

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The Cygnaran Civil War was a conflict fought between 482 and 484 AR. It had been long in the making. King Woldred the Diligent of Cygnar had in 286 AR created the Accord-by-Hand Covenant, a document that declared the right of the sovereign to name his own successor. According to older traditions, the Menite clergy were given the right to oversee the proceedings, but the growing Morrowan faith undermined the treaty and when King Malagant the Grim came to power, he removed the Menite priests from the halls of power and demanded that both they and the Church of Morrow recognize his claims. The Morrowans accepted his rule, but the Menites were recalcitrant and over two hundred priests were put to death by the king. In 293 Malagant declared the Church of Morrow the state religion of Cygnar.

For the following two decades the Menites attempted to reinstate their rights through the courts, but to no avail. Eventually, the resentment was channeled by the charismatic priest Sulon, who rallied Menites to his banner and gathered them in the menite slums of Caspia. In 482 AR he declared himself Hierarch, evicted non-Menites from the slums and successfully resisted Cygnaran attempts to evict him. For two years the forces of the king of Cygnar fought Hierarch Sulon's forces in Caspia and the kingdom was divided at its heart. Eventually, Sulon fell in battle in 484 AR, but King Bolton V felt that the kingdom had suffered enough and reached out to Visgoth Ozeall I, ceding Caspia east of the Black River and a strip of land on the eastern banks of the River to the newly established Protectorate of Menoth.