Cylena Raefyll

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Mercenaries.png Cylena Raefyll Minions.png


Race Nyss
Gender Female
Weapons Nyss bow
Nyss claymore
Birth Unknown
Cylena Raefyll is a Nyss of the Raefyll shard that managed to escape when Everblight falls upon her people. She currently works as a mercenary in the Iron Kingdoms with her warband, the Nyss Hunters, who have evolved into peerless killers while surviving atrocities that would break lesser men.


The Raefyll shard was one of the few that escape south with other Nyss refugees, taking Nyssor with them.[1]

In 606 AR, Cylena and her hunters come south to Khador to seek allies and expected to find work among the northern Khadorans. Though they make contacts with some military officers, they also ran into a more sinister ally: the eldritch warcaster Goreshade, in service of Cryx. Knowing that nation’s draconic master seeks to consume Everblight’s athanc, she puts aside her loathing to help him investigate the Legion of Everblight.[1]

However, Goreshade leads Cylena's band straight into a Legion army led by no one but Thagrosh himself. He surrenders himself to the Prophet and offers him two of her men, but her wariness allows her to evade capture. She flees south with her tribesmen to the heart of Khador, embittered by the experience with Cryx yet still determined to strike against Everblight by any means possible.[2][3]

In a Nyss refugee camp in Korsk, Cylena discovers Nyssor is currently being held in a cathedral in the city with the help of the Khadorans, who only know what they're protecting as a sacred block of stone. An agent of the Retribution of Scyrah in the camp approaches her and through him she makes contact with the Iosan mage hunter Eiryss. Cylena forewarns Eiryss about the approach of Goreshade, unwittingly setting the Retribution of Scyrah in motion, which might in time bridge the ancient enmity between the Nyss and Ios.[4]


Witnessing the doom of her people filled Cylena with a hunger for vengeance, though she knows such a task will require time and patience. As harrowing as her journey has been, none of these matters distract Cylena from her uncompromising vendetta against Everblight and everything that ruined her race. She is willing to lend her hunters to fight in any war as long as she earns favours to be turned against the Legion. Until the dragon is destroyed, nothing else matters. Cylena will not allow either pride or personal risk to stand in the way of vengeance.[3]