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The-retribution-of-scyrah.png Daemon The-retribution-of-scyrah.png

Heavy Myrmidon


Armament Vortex Cannon
Heavy Rune Fist
Light Rune Fist
Height 3.94m
Weight 6.8 tons
Operational duration 2 hours
Artificer House Vyre
The Daemon is one of the Retribution’s foremost assault myrmidons. Heavily armoured and carrying complex, brutal weapons, the Daemon is the epitome of House Vyre’s approach to myrmidon design.[1]


A Daemon’s vortex cannon seems to defy the laws of nature when it fires. Its projected energy field inspires terror as much for the way it bends and swallows the light as for its devastating power. The Daemon was one of the first House Vyre myrmidons to show the destruction that could be achieved by creating a dense field of distorted energy to hurl into the enemy, rippling outward from a central point. This released energy mimics gravity, creating an inconsistency in what Vyre artificers refer to as 'the anchor of Caen'. The survivors of this cannon describe a terrible feeling of being warped as the nature of space itself was pulled out of place and their very being was distorted. The Daemon’s massive fists, brutally powerful weapons in their own right, are also affixed with nodes that help channel energy to disrupt magic.[1]


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