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Cryx.png Deathjack Cryx.png

Cryx Helljack


Weapons Twin Necroclaws
Height 4.57 meters/15 feet
Weight Unknown
Fuel load Unknown
Fuel usage Unknown
Chassis designer Unknown
Initial service date 350 AR (first report)
605 AR (in service to Cryx)
The Deathjack is a necromechanikal horror that has haunted the wilds of western Immoren for more than two hundred years. Striking without warning, this infernal machine voraciously devours souls and leaves nothing but death and destruction in its wake. Since the Deathjack’s first sighting in 350 AR, agents of Cryx have tirelessly hunted any scrap of lore concerning the enigmatic self-willed construct.[1]


The Deathjack’s origin is unknown, as is the identity of its creator, though the secrets of its construction are rumored to be buried within the cryptic pages of the Librum Mekanecrus. This loathsome tome, coveted by Thamarite cults as well as the agents of Lord Toruk, supposedly details the melding of mechanika with ancient Orgoth rites.[1]

When tales of this mechanikal monster reached the Scharde Islands and stirred the interest of the lich lords, they vowed to capture the machine and bend it to the Dragonfather’s will. It took countless attempts and untold resources to press the Deathjack into Cryxian service.[1]


A savage intellect resides in the Deathjack's Skulls of Hate, the infernal lanterns mounted on its shoulders that continuously utter dire admonitions and cast necromantic spells. The skull-shaped lamps burn with the damned souls absorbed in the belly of the monster. Numerous legends assert that this monstrosity has been demolished before, at great cost of life and suffering, and yet the Skulls of Hate have assembled it anew from the wreckage of other machines. While its outer frame bears resemblance to other Cryxian machines, the Deathjack’s furnace is unique. Whereas the engines of other Cryxian warjacks extract energy from necrotite, the Deathjack fuels itself directly from the souls of its victims. Driven by a murderous appetite, the Deathjack eagerly carries out the imperatives of the Dragonfather.[1][2]

It is possible to create a Deathjack through the procedures outlined in the Librum Mekanecrus, which include many despicable acts including human sacrifice.[2]




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