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Deathless are the ghosts of powerful Orgoth who dwell in their tombs and refuse to die. Deathless often wield powerful Orgoth artefacts and command a retinue of dread and excruciators. Deathless lead their undead companions in battle, directing them as a general directs his forces. Many deathless were accomplished tacticians in life and command their undead servants in coordinated and brutally effective strikes. Though their bodies have long since turned to dust, leaving little but armour and bone, the deathless continue to believe that things are still as they were during the Occupation and treat all Immorese they encounter as slaves.[1]

For these would-be masters of Caen, not even death has stifled their mad ambition. Despite being completely confined within their tombs, they believe their reach is as vast as their innate power, and in their minds they yet remain the masters of a continent-spanning empire with countless mortal lives.[1]

It is almost impossible to understand the depths of madness and delusion of the deathless. To the eyes of the outsider, the deathless is surrounded by undeniable signs of decay and death, including its own withered, desiccated body. To the eyes of the deathless, however, its tomb shines as a glorious throne room, gleaming with faded frescoes of the time of the Occupation. Chipped flagstones remain polished to a dull luster, and the decayed treasures that surround its throne glitter with untold wealth.[1]

To the mind of the deathless its body remains at the peak of its physical power. It is at the height of its power and station in life - time has stood still to the deathless. A deathless will go to any lengths to maintain its delusion, and its preferred method of dealing with those who question its beliefs is a quick, yet still excruciatingly painful, death.[1]

The deathless perceives any Immorese it encounters as slaves. The deathless imperiously issues commands in one of the ancient tongues of western Immoren and does not hesitate to slaughter those incapable of following its orders. Inability to understand the deathless is treated as insubordination. Those capable of understanding the deathless are forced to serve the whims of the deathless, usually for a short time until they fail to understand the nuances of the deathless’ self-delusion.[1]

Deathless surround themselves with the remains of the minions and slaves they commanded in their former lives. Though most deathless lie silent, their chambers are often filled with shades, revenants, dread and excruciators willing to obey their master without question or thought.[1]


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