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Cryx.png Defiler Cryx.png

Cryx Bonejack


Weapons Sludge Cannon
Arc Node
Height 1.93m
Weight 2.6 tons
Fuel load 19.96 kg (necrotite)
39.92 kg (coal)
Fuel usage 17 hours general
2.75 hours combat
Chassis designer Unknown
Initial service date Unknown
The Defiler is a light assault bonejack, a variant of the Deathripper. Faced with the potential of its arc node and the horrendous wounds caused by its sludge cannon, enemies often desperately try to close and deal with this bonejack before their allies are torn apart.


The Defiler was created by a forgotten necrotech who stuffed the Deathripper’s maw with a corrosive acid projector. When first deployed in 512 AR, Defilers were universally mistaken as Deathrippers. The enemy soldiers expecting to meet the bonejack tooth-to-blade instead died when the ‘jack unleashed a jet of corrosive vitriol at them.[1]

By 588 AR, the mainland militaries had grown accustomed to the dichotomy between Deathrippers and Defilers. The necrotechs then tweaked the line further and created the Nightwretch by exchanging the Defiler’s sludge cannon for a deadly doomspitter.[1]


Fast and mobile, the Defiler can lope across the battlefield in a few long strides and fix an enemy warcaster in its sights before the fight has scarcely begun. Its arc node allows Cryxian warcasters to penetrate battle lines and channel their destructive magic directly towards the enemy commanders.[2]

Unlike the Deathripper, the Defiler avoids close combat. Instead it fires on the enemy from a distance with its sludge cannon, which spews a concentrated, caustic poison that consumes metal and stone more easily than flame eats wood.[2]

A Defiler can be easily assembled by a necrotech in a matter of days with proper materials under almost any conditions. The ammunition for its weapons can be easily manufactured in secret, for the Iron Kingdoms have no shortage of unwatched corpses and industrial effluvia.[1]


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