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Despoiler is a rhinodon twisted by Void Seer Mordikaar into a nefarious occult weapon through unorthodox experimentation. As much a beast as it is an arcane implement through which the Void howls, Despoiler is driven mad by the shrieking of damned souls.[1]

Despoiler fights in a near-frenzy, smashing victims to a pulp, though their deaths serve only to further fuel the din in its mind. The abandon with which Despoiler throws itself into combat might be taken to indicate it wishes for its own end, but the creature is dimly aware it would experience no release in oblivion and relishes violence for its own sake.[1]

Despoiler is the focus and canvas of a thousand twisted rites, rituals in which it becomes the gateway to the Void, its living flesh a conduit for the profane energies Mordikaar wishes to study and manipulate. Within Despoiler dwell the tensions between life and death as the beast is torn between Caen and the Void; woe to those who approach this living precipice of annihilation.[1]