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Khador.png Devastator Khador.png

Khador Heavy Warjack


Weapons Twin Shield Fists
Rain of Death Grenade Launchers
Height 3.48m
Weight 16 tons
Fuel load 510.29 kg
Fuel usage 4 hours general
45 mins combat
Chassis designer Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly
Initial service date 598 AR
The Devastator is an ultra-heavy Khadoran warjack that lumbers forward like a walking fortress and is designed to house one of several impressive weapons developed specifically for it. It is truly in a class of its own as a masterpiece of Khadoran engineering. Few things inspire the troops of the Khadoran Empire or demoralise their enemies like the sight of an advancing Devastator.


When the High Kommand requested a new, more heavily armoured warjack chassis, the Mechaniks Assembly were quick to respond. They presented a monstrous design taking advantage of recent advances in mechanikal weaponry and capable of supporting almost a third more armour than the venerable Juggernaut.[1]


The Devastator's heavy limbs have plates designed to fully close around the front of the machine to provide unparalleled protection nearly impossible to breach. As a result, the Devastator weighs almost half again as much as any other Khadoran warjack but can shove aside nearly anything in its path. Even concentrated artillery fire only causes the Devastator to stagger before reaching its target and deploying its catastrophic ordnance.[1][2]

The Devastator is equipped with an array of powerful short-range grenade launchers that can reduce the enemy to smoking ruin. Because they can be fired only while its carapace is open, unleashing its full destructive power exposes vital machinery. To compensate, the grenades are timed to explode in rapid succession, ensuring that the air around the Devastator is filled with deadly shrapnel for a few protracted seconds. The blasts ravage enemy troops and can split warjack armour at close range. The result is what its designers call the Rain of Death.[1]

The Devastator's variants include the Demolisher and the Spriggan.[2]


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