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The-protectorate-of-menoth.png Devout The-protectorate-of-menoth.png

Protectorate Light Warjack


Weapons Pole Axe
Great Shield
Height 2.62m
Weight 3.9 tons
Fuel load 175.54 kg
Fuel usage 7 hours general
75 minutes combat
Chassis designer Cygnaran Armoury
Sul-Menite artificers
Initial service date 579 AR
The Devout is a light warjack crafted to protect the Protectorate of Menoth’s leaders from heretics. The Devout’s reflexes and heavy shield make it the perfect bodyguard: its every reaction is tuned to the flow of battle as it positions itself between the warcaster and those who would strike him.[1]


The Devout is the product of an order by the Synod of Visgoths to the Vassals of Menoth to produce a warjack capable of guarding a warcaster. Rejecting the workhorse Repenter chassis as too cumbersome, they chose instead to design the Devout from scratch to fulfil its purpose. Since the creation of the Devout, it has largely replaced the paladins of the Order of the Wall in their traditional role as bodyguards to high-ranking priests.[2][1]


Every component lends to the Devout’s ability to protect its master: it is light enough to keep up with fleet-footed warcasters, and it uses its enhanced reflexes to intercept attacks or bring weapons to bear against a foe drawing close to its ward. Its massive shield is sanctified with holy inscriptions from the Canon of the True Law to protect its controller from the magic of heathen sorcerers. For its size, the Devout can withstand a heavy amount of damage and will certainly perform its duties until destroyed.[2][1]

Though the first Devouts still made extensive use of smuggled components, its cortex was developed entirely within the Protectorate.[2]


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