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Convergence.png Diffuser Convergence.png

Light Vector


Armament Homing Ripspike
Aerial Guidance Unit
Positional Allocation Transmitter
Height 3.56m
Weight 1.75 tons
Peak Operational Duration 6 hours
Current Design Iteration 59
Lead Innovator Iron Enumerator Quentin Talbot
Initial service date 507 AR
The Diffuser is a common vector produced by the Convergence of Cyriss in only slightly lower quantities than the ubiquitous Galvanizer. The sect has dedicated multiple foundries to producing the clockwork parts necessary to field Diffusers in the quantities required for the Great Work.[1]


Outside the Convergence, a Diffuser would be considered a clockwork marvel. The Diffuser’s ripspike launcher, a channel catapult powered by a high-tension spring, is its simplest component. Each individual ripspike features tiny fins capable of adjusting its trajectory in flight. This innovation allows the projectile to follow a flight pattern set by a warcaster at the time the weapon is fired. With a well-calculated course, the ripspike manoeuvres through the air around battlefield variables before hitting its mark: a vast tactical advantage over conventional ammunition.[1]

After a Diffuser’s ripspike embeds itself in flesh or steel, as a secondary function, its arcane relay sends targeting data to its allies to facilitate termination of the enemy.[1]