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Khador.png Drago Khador.png

Khador Heavy Warjack


Weapons Twin Executioner Axes
Height 3.3274m
Weight 8.6 tons
Fuel load 158.76kg
Fuel usage 10 hours general
1.5 hours combat
Chassis designer Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly
Initial service date 427 AR
Drago is the oldest warjack that still sees regular service in the Khadoran army. History has moulded this ancient machine into a loyal, yet unpredictable warrior of the Tzepesci house. Drago is a tenacious warjack with deeply ingrained aggression, a survivor of countless battles, a priceless relic of the Tzepesci bloodline, and a loyal soldier for its master.


Long ago the Tzepesci family provided the financial backing for the Berserker chassis. The machine now known as Drago was among the first Berserkers to march forth from the foundries of the Motherland. It first saw service during the reign of Ivan Vladykin, a necromancer who seized the Khadoran throne unlawfully. Great Prince Drago Tzepesci fought numerous battles against Vladykin, his supporters, and his masses of thralls. Tzepesci’s martial prowess and reckless bloodlust gradually seeped into the temperaments of his warjacks. One particular Berserker picked up more instinctual behaviour than most and also became quite protective of its master, frequently rushing into battle at his side without commands from the warcaster.[1]

Drago’s aggression did not end with the reign of Ivan Vladykin. After numerous accidents during even the most routine maintenance or exercises, Drago Tzepesci acquiesced to chaining his Berserker when it was not in use.[1]

Over the years, this Berserker has been passed from one Tzepesci warcaster to another, eventually being named 'Drago' in honor of Great Prince Drago Tzepesci, the warcaster who unlocked its true potential. Every part but Drago’s cortex has since been replaced at least three times. The warjack seems to have developed a particular affinity for Vladimir Tzepesci, perhaps because the current great prince feels an undeniable connection to the ancestor who is the warjack’s namesake.[1][2]


Drago stands out from other Berserkers due to his unique weaponry: a pair of executioner axes salvaged from two wrecked Destroyers during the invasion of Llael.[2]

Drago’s boiler can start on its own when Great Prince Vladimir Tzepesci is nearby. Somehow, Drago is capable of sensing Vladimir’s presence, and its strong connection to the sorcerous Tzepesci bloodline appears to have fundamentally altered the very steps needed to start the 'jack. It can prove rather dangerous, and a number of mechaniks have been injured during unexpected startups.[1]

Given this tendency to hurl itself in harm’s way, Drago requires frequent repair, but the mechaniks who maintain the machine see no need to keep it neat or tidy. Its armour bears the evidence of countless engagements.[2]

While Drago is in the vicinity of Vladimir Tzepesci, its behaviour changes remarkably. Its self-will and even a seeming self-awareness will increase dramatically. Drago responds eagerly to Vlad’s commands and its wrath finds outlet only against the Great Prince’s enemies. Even when severely damaged, Drago demonstrates tenacious resilience and a refusal to give up the fight. To Vladimir, Drago represents his bloodline’s warrior spirit, and he'll readily pay any additional fees levied for the manufacture of obscure or outdated components for Drago.[1][2]


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