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Duskwolves are enormous wolves with intelligence and ferocity far outstripping that of mere beasts. They dwell within dark, primeval forests of Cygnar and Ord, and are clever hunters that will chase large prey to exhaustion over great distances before attacking. They are infamous for chilling howls that can freeze a man’s blood in his veins, as well as the ability to become all but invisible when hunting.

Physical Characteristics

A male duskwolf stands around two metres at the shoulder, is three metres long in total, and weighs over four hundred kilogrammes. A male duskwolf’s coat is dusky grey, and the mane is a dark umber. Female duskwolves are slightly smaller than males, lack manes, and have much darker fur, although they can change their fur colour at will to better blend into the shadows. Pups are lighter in colour and lack manes until they are about three months old. Both males and females are powerfully built and incredibly nimble, and their jaws are strong enough to sunder armour, flesh and bone alike.[1]


Male duskwolves are somewhat rare. A typical pack consists of a single male, six to eight females, and a handful of young. Though particularly large forests may support larger packs, competition is fierce between males for mates and territory, so packs with more than one male are uncommon. Solitary males are sometimes encountered, having been driven off by rivals. Lacking the aid of a pack to hunt, these lone males are often at the brink of starvation and are especially vicious.[1]

Duskwolves have been known to hunt humans found alone in the wild, and creatures as large and powerful as trolls have fallen to hungry duskwolf packs. They are clever hunters, and one or more wolves will draw the attention of prey while pack mates prowl at its flanks. The signal upon which a pack attacks is a piercing howl that frightens those who hear it and draw the prey's attention to the male so the females can attack from the flanks. If their prey attempts to flee, duskwolves will pursue it relentlessly. Small prey will be brought down immediately, while large animals are harried over great distances to wear down prior to striking. A fatigued beast is no match for the duskwolves when they attack. Already weary from the long pursuit, the prey quickly succumbs to the ripping jaws of the pack.[1]

Duskwolves keep no permanent dens. Packs will temporarily lair in large caverns and beneath felled trees during cold and rainy months but rest wherever they see fit during warm and dry seasons. Duskwolf packs on the move tend to keep near freshwater sources. Streams and rivers not only provide the pack with drinking water but also attract prey. In autumn, duskwolf packs become much more aggressive, killing enough prey for a surplus of meat for the oncoming winter.[1]


Tharn bloodtrackers frequently use duskwolves as swift, deadly mounts. Tharn pick the best specimens from a pack for use as steeds, and their wolves are often larger and more powerful than those seen in the wild. The bloodtrackers' connection to the Devourer Wurm’s predator spirit allows them to form a strong bond with their chosen duskwolves, and together they become a singularly deadly hunting group.[2]

Powerful blackclads and shamans may use packs of duskwolves to hunt down those who intrude on their sacred sites and rituals. These trained duskwolves are allowed to roam freely in the surrounding territory and fend for themselves, serving as a fearsome natural barrier to intruders.[1]

Certain tribal cultures prize duskwolf skulls as adornments. Among the Tharn and savage humans, skilled hunters and warriors sometimes wear a duskwolf skull as a testament to their own skill.[1]


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