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Fog drakes are amphibious, enormous, solitary reptiles that dwell in the cold swamps, lakes and marshes of northern Cygnar and eastern Ord, where they stalk prey under the cover of dense morning fog.[1]

Physical Characteristics

A fully grown fog drake can reach over six metres long from its snout to the tip of its tail. Its jaws are large enough to bite a draft horse in half or swallow a foal whole. Each of the creature’s four feet has long, hooked talons ideally suited to gutting, and its teeth have deep, serrated edges that increase their ability to shear through tough hide and tissue.[1]


Fog drakes create lairs in underwater caverns and rise from the water to hunt before dawn, when groundswells of mist provide them with natural camouflage. They are particularly suited to hunt in places such as the depths of the perpetually foggy Widower’s Wood. A fog drake’s eyes are adapted to pierce even the thickest fog, allowing it to stalk prey that cannot see it. Its speckled, grey hide conceals it well in murky water and within veils of fog alike.[1]

If no natural fog is present, a fog drake is capable of producing a thick, obscuring mist, from which it gained its name. Through its gills, the massive glands in the fog drake’s throat can produce a huge cloud of mist that limits the vision of other creatures while presenting no difficulty to the drake.[1]

Fog drakes have been known to live for several centuries. Males and females keep overlapping territories and remain in the same region for life, defending their domains fiercely from trespassers. Every two to three years, the female selects a mate and retreats to her lair to lay eggs, usually three to five. Fog drake maturation takes many years, and the female increases the frequency of her hunts for the first several years of her young’s development, supplementing her diet with swamp pike, serpents, and any bog trogs or swamp gobbers unlucky enough to be moving through the region.[1]

Fog drakes are equally capable on land and in water. Although their terrestrial movements seem slow and sluggish, those that have been provoked can move in alarmingly fast bursts. A riled fog drake can emit a bellow powerful enough to topple an ogrun, then attacks and drags its victim to its lair for later consumption.[1]


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