Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros

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Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros


Release Date 2010
Pages 116
Preceded by Forces of Hordes: Legion of Everblight
Followed by Forces of Hordes: Minions
Forces of Hordes: Circle Orboros is the fourth of the Force books in the second edition of Hordes. It updates all Circle models in the second edition and introduces a new warlock, Cassius the Oathkeeper & Wurmwood.


North of Scarleforth Lake, Krueger the Stormlord is contacted by Tal, a wayfarer subordinate to Omnipotent Dahlekov, whose last meeting with Krueger didn't end smoothly. Tal summons Krueger to a Grand Convocation Tribunal to be judged for his crimes of formenting insurrection and defying the omnipotents. Krueger refuses to come, and Tal tells him that the tribunal will happen regardless of his presence.

Weeks earlier Wurmwood set Krueger on the course that lead him into the desert wastes. While his soldiers recuperated from recent successes against a Cryxian outpost, Krueger left them to locate Wurmwood, taking only Wolf Lord Morraig, a woldwyrd and a woldwatcher.

Wurmwood shows Krueger a Protectorate refinery, explains it was built over a primary fulcrum convergence buried deep within the sands, and has foreseen a disaster: fire will reach and ignite the unrefined Menoth's Fury below, forever altering the flow of Orboros through the desert; and the omnipotents cannot muster an adequate force in time, only Krueger's stands ready. Before leaving, Wurmwood agrees to support Krueger if he accomplishes his mission. Krueger gathers his forces and heads towards the target.

Wayfarer Tal comes back to Dahlekov and informs him that Krueger refused the summons. Dahlekov orders Tal to maintain a discreet watch upon Krueger while the tribunal is underway, and make his move once Dahlekov gives the signal.

Along the northern shore of a lake in the Wyrmwall Mountains, the omnipotents and potents of the Circle gather, except Baldur. Mohsar proposes to simply record Baldur as deceased and reallocate his territories, but Lortus shakes his head. Meanwhile, Krueger makes his move against the Menite oil refinery.

At the tribunal, Dahlekov speaks his accusation: Krueger stole his Wyrmstone, raised his own army and entered contact with the dragon Blighterghast, resulting in Halfaug and Scaefang taking flight to meet with Blighterghast. Mohsar agrees with Dahlekov, but Lortus speaks in Krueger's defence: he used his army against the Circle's enemies and only told Blighterghast about Pyromalfic's death - which the dragons will eventually learn about sooner or later. The other potents describe how the force Krueger assembled had largely been stolen from other druids, and Morvahna speaks at length about the ways Krueger undermined her efforts to confront the Legion of Everblight.

Since the omnipotents are not in accord, Mohsar asks the potents for their consensus - per ancient laws, the penalty of death for a potent requires a sublime majority. Each potent eventually voice agreement, albeit several more hesitantly than others, especially Bradigus Thorle. Mohsar volunteers to be Krueger's executioner, but Dahlekov tells him about how he already had an agent who can do this job.

At the refinery, Krueger faces off against Feora, Priestess and Protector of the Flame. During the fight, Wayfarer Tal interferes with Krueger, giving Feora an edge against him. As Feora is letting Krueger burn, Wurmwood suddenly returns, obliterating Flameguard and warjacks alike and allowing Krueger to connect to the ley line fulcrum. Krueger invokes a torrent, sweeping Feora away, then kills Wayfarer Tal. A sinkhole devours the Menite refinery, and when the energy leaves Krueger, Wurmwood was gone.

Wurmwood then arrives at the trial of Krueger as the potents are preparing to disperse. Cassius affirms Krueger is no traitor to the Circle. Morvahna speaks in defiance of Wurmwood, but since Wurmwood's vote has greater weight than that of the collective potents, Bradigus Thorle pulls her back before she could approach Cassius. Mohsar declares the sublime majority broken and the sentence rescinded. Cassius proclaims Krueger as Wurmwood's chosen oracle of the apocalypse, then both Cassius and Wurmwood vanish.

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