Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth

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Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth


Release Date 2010
Pages 144
Preceded by Forces of Warmachine: Khador
Followed by Forces of Warmachine: Cryx
Forces of Warmachine: Protectorate of Menoth is the second of the Force books in the second edition of Warmachine. It updates all Protectorate models in the second edition and introduces a new warcaster, Vice Scrutator Vindictus.


Vice Scrutator Vindictus receives a message destined for Hierarch Severius from a Khadoran courier. Taking it upon himself to serve as an intermediary for the hierarch, Vindictus opens the message and finds the signature of Vladimir Tzepesci. In the letter, Tzepesci requests a clandestine message with Severius regarding a threat to those who are both 'faithful Menites', invoking his right as sovereign of Umbrey to use the ancient Menite Law of Envoys to safeguard his request. Vindictus decides not to let Severius know of the document, so as to prevent the hierarch from rising to Vladimir's bait; instead he'll accept its terms and march forth on his own.

At the site of the meeting, Vladimir is surprised and angered to see Vindictus instead of Severius, who offers to escort him with at most six servants to meet Severius in Leryn. However, Vladimir doesn't trust Vindictus and only accepts to meet Severius on neutral ground, while Vindictus refuses to come back to Leryn without Vladimir. Since neither side wants to relent or withdraw, a battle ensues, eventually ending when a torrent from an underground channel sweeps up Vladimir and his Berserker Drago and washes them up against a nearby debris gate, driving Vlad unconscious. Vindictus takes both Vlad and Drago into his custody.

Two weeks later, Severius summons Vindictus and orders him to explain how a message sent to him by Vladimir Tzepesci didn't reach him, possibly after having intercepted by Vindictus. As Vindictus recalls the events of two weeks earlier, Severius repudiates him for overstepping his authority, and questions him about Vlad's intentions. However, Vindictus didn't manage to wrestle any information from Vlad, and immediately a priest rushes inside Severius' room and informs them of Vlad's escape. Knowing Vlad won't be captured again, Severius threatens to personally interrogate Vindictus himself, but the vice scrutator manages to dissuade Severius by revealing to the hierarch his progress on his research concerning the ancient cortexes of the Berserkers and the bond between Vlad and Drago.

The Harbinger of Menoth sees a vision that already transpired: a village in Khadoran-occupied Llael, inhabited by mostly Umbrean Menites, falling to an army of Cryxians led by Lich Lord Terminus and the Witch Coven of Garlghast. Knowing this was the reason why Vladimir Tzepesci seeked an audience with him, Severius curses Vindictus, but the Harbinger tells him the events already happened, and she needs to save another Menite village from destruction. Severius and Mikael Kreoss offer to go with her, but she refuses their assistance, only taking the Testament of Menoth, Sarvan Gravus and Servath Reznik with her. They manage to repel the Witch Coven's attack on the town, forcing them to retreat and allowing the inhabitants to move to protected territory near Leryn.

On their way back, they meet another column of refugees consisting entirely of Morrowans, including a priest. The priest asks her for protection, which she agrees to grant as soon as they renounce their faith in Morrow and convert to the Creator. The priest drops his Morrowan tome and sunburst symbol into the mud, but the Harbinger knows he's trying to deceive her. Ordering High Exemplar Gravus to stay his hand, the Harbinger leaves the Morrowan refugees to damnation at the hands of Cryxians.

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