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Cygnar.png Gallant Cygnar.png

Cygnar Heavy Warjack


Weapons Lasting Light
Height 3.73m
Weight 6 tons
Fuel load 263.99 kg
Fuel usage 5.6 hours general
65 mins combat
Chassis designer Engines East
Initial service date 604 AR
Gallant is the favoured battle companion of the warcaster Constance Blaize. Gallant is imprinted with the warrior philosophies extolled by Morrow and his martial ascendants. Though the Cygnaran Armoury first crafted the underlying chassis of the great machine, based on the Ironclad design, the armourers of the Sancteum have made their own alterations to shape it into the weapon required of one of the Church's most accomplished warcasters.


A copy of the holy catechism called the Prayers for Battle is mounted on its hull, including passages from the Enkheiridion as well as other teachings related to proper conduct in a time of war. The tome is open to pages that speak of Morrow’s entreaties to his followers to protect one another from evil in all its forms.[1]

Where Gallant strides, the light of Morrow shines. Each strike of its blade unravels dark invocations like shadows before the dawn. Those who would raise a hand against Blaize find Gallant rising to block their blows with phenomenal speed. The huge warjack knocks aside the blades of the enemy, allowing Blaize to bring her righteous fury to bear.[1]


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