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Convergence.png Galvanizer Convergence.png

Light Vector


Armament Metal Saw
Field Repair Array
Height 3.56m
Weight 1.9 tons
Peak Operational Duration 5 hours
Current Design Iteration 113
Lead Innovator Forge Master Lucidia
Initial service date 339 AR
The Galvanizer is the main vector chassis used by the Convergence of Cyriss. The oldest vector configuration in current use, it is able to perform critical repairs to damaged vectors and clockwork vessels in the heat of battle and forms the backbone of many battlegroups.[1]


The Galvanizer's saw lacks the high rotational speed of woodcutting saws, but is much better suited to ripping through metal. The circular blade is capable of power and precision in equal measure. In one instant, it can be seen cutting through the heaviest armour; in the next, it exhibits the meticulous dexterity required to remove dented plating from an ally, thereby restoring operational range of motion. Coupled with the Galvanizer’s field repair array, the vector becomes the ideal vehicle for effecting battlefield repair. In fact, it possesses even the finesse required to mend the plating that protects a clockwork vessel’s delicate soul node.[2]

In battle, Galvanizers resemble robotic insects scuttling over the landscape to swarm hostile machines. They shred warjacks like a host of hungry locusts, bringing them crashing to the ground. Perhaps even more disconcerting for the enemy, however, is how they scramble over the battered forms of their allies: not to scavenge but to restore a machine from scrap to empowered killer.[2]

The Galvanizer's variants include the Diffuser and Mitigator, each with a unique weapon system.[2]