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Genzoul are degenerate undead skorne cannibals often found in desolate wilderness regions. They are afflicted with karovoul, a ravening hunger that causes a compulsion for cannibalism.[1]

Karovoul, also called the ravening, is a neurological disease unique to the skorne that causes a ravenous hunger in the afflicted for flesh of their own kind. Skorne hermits are particularly susceptible, especially ascetics, mortitheurges and nihilators. The exact cause is unknown, though some skorne scholars speculate study of the Void combined with meditative self-privation can lead to the onset of karovoul. Outbreaks are often documented among isolated skorne communities and Praetorian outposts, typically those in the most remote parts of the desert.[1]

Karovoul can manifest in individual skorne or small groups, and the bite of the afflicted will spread the infection to others.[1]

The course of the disease consists of two phases. The first takes place when the infected is still alive, and the second extends past death. Within days of infection, an afflicted skorne will begin to feel an insatiable hunger for flesh, preferring raw over cooked flesh. It is possible to stave off the ravening at this stage via fasting and considerable will, but few succeed. Eventually the afflicted will feel compelled to eat skorne flesh - the meat of ordinary beasts unable to ease the hunger - and the fresher, the better.[1]

As the disease progresses, the skorne's appetite grows while his body wastes away and dies. The corpse will then transform into undead for a few days, still wracked with hunger. During the process, the body appears inert, and if it's not burnt or dismembered, it will rise as a genzoul.[1]

Genzoul, unlike the undead of western Immoren, are canny hunters, often lurking near watering holes in the desert to await caravans or supply trains. They retain their memory in life and are able at ambushing solitary travellers or those who wander too far from an armed camp. Infected soldiers can even stay at their position and wait for reinforcements to arrive.[1]


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