Gerlak Slaughterborn

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Cryx.png Gerlak Slaughterborn Cryx.png



Race Trollkin (blighted)
Gender Male
Weapons Great axe
Birth Unknown
Gerlak Slaughterborn is the current chieftain of the blighted trollkin of the Scharde Islands in service to Cryx. He is an exception to the trend of short-lived leaders among these trollkin and has done what no other chieftain before him could manage: he has united not only all the blighted trollkin kriels but also brought the black ogrun and other blighted denizens of the outer islands under his banner. He is recognised as one of Cryx's most respected warleaders famous for an irrepressible hunger for war.[1]


Gerlak Slaughterborn's regenerative tissues have gradually increased his height and bulk, and now he can walk among the biggest ogrun as an equal in size and strength. He shows no sign of ageing and displays renowned stamina even among a species notorious for such.[2]


Slaugherborn earned his place as the master of the Scharde Islands' blighted trollkin by unifying their scattered and warring kriels under his banner. All who refused to follow were brutally slain and devoured. He later sought to elevate his station by seizing control of the Bloodgorgers, the most bloodthirsty and degenerate of his kind. With them firmly in his grip, the remaining tribes swiftly followed.[2]

Slaughterborn then sailed to Garlghast Island with severed heads of countless victims to swear fealty to Lich Lord Terminus. Terminus accepted, gave him the title of general and appointed the Slaughter Fleet, a roster of over two dozen pirate ships, exclusively for his use in overseeing the deployment of large Bloodgorger forces. Terminus didn't accept Slaughterborn to live long enough to enjoy it; since then, for around a century, he has gone to certain death countless times and always won victory or managed to return as the sole survivor.[2]

By his efforts Slaughterborn rose in the ranks of Cryx, and commands the fear and respect of many Satyxis pirate captains and other mortal leaders of the Nightmare Empire.[2]

In 606 AR, Slaughterborn and his blighted army assaulted the fortress-city of Highgate to distract Cygnar's defenders long enough for Terminus to land an army on shores to the north. Although they inflicted far greater casualties than expected, Slaughterborn's army fell almost to the last, and he was left buried within a pile of corpses, mutilated beyond recognition. He rested amid the carnage for two weeks, feeding on the rotting carcasses on the dead. After his arms and legs sprouted anew, he returned to Blackrock to recruit a fresh force and join Skarre Ravenmane's company terrorising the western Cygnaran coast. Not only this attack allowed Terminus to land on the shore south of the Gnarls, it also allowed scouting forces to gain substantial intelligence on Blighterghast, the dragon of the Wyrmwall Mountains.[2][3]

In 608 AR, Lich Lord Terminus promises Slaughterborn to Lich Lord Venethrax for indefinite use, and orders him and the Bloodgorgers to move to the Thornwood for their new master.[2]


Gerlak Slaughterborn's infamous brutality has caused brave men to fall to their knees in the mere sight of him, unable even to defend themselves. He wades into the enemy as a reaper of flesh, the edge of his axe turned aside by neither armour nor bone.[2]