Ghordson Earthbreaker

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Mercenaries.png Ghordson Earthbreaker Mercenaries.png

Mercenaries Colossal


Weapons Drilling Torpedos
Repeating Cannons
Steam Claws
Height 8.53m
Weight 90 tons
Fuel load 294.84 kg
Fuel usage 12 hours general
2.5 hours combat
Chassis designer Clan Ghordson
Initial service date 585 AR
The Ghordson Earthbreaker is a Rhulic colossal steamjack capable of tearing entire battlefields asunder, mobilised when the wealthiest Rhulic clans need to leverage immense power whether at a contested construction site or in wars abroad. The Earthbreaker stands as proof that even mountains can be toppled by Rhulic ingenuity.


Previous successes by Clan Ghordson and income from its versatile steamjack line allowed it to launch its most ambitious plan ever with the design of the Earthbreaker. Decades before the humans see the need to reinvent the colossal, Ghordson engineers set to outdo all previous steamjacks. Even as Clan Ghordson began work on the prototype, representatives were summoned before the Moot to explain themselves. There was considerable debate that such machines could unbalance the environment of Rhulic governance, where organised conflict has long been an acceptable recourse between feuding clans. Eventually Ghordson won support with the argument that a colossal would strengthen all of Rhul, so long as access was not exclusive to any clan. The stone lords consented on the condition that the Earthbreaker would be given priority for the defence of Rhul over any other use.[1]

Negotiations for permission for the Earthbreaker were among the most convoluted in Rhulic history, but they proved equitable to Ghordson in the long run. The enormous facilities owned by several of the stone clans were made available to contribute to the manufacture of the colossals. In exchange, they received a percentage of the profit of their sale, and by law each Earthbreaker is owned by the Moot itself. Ghordson was given the oversight of producing and leasing the machines to any clan interests able to afford them, though the lessees remain accountable to the Moot. Stone Clans Dovur, Orm, and Uldar all contributed investments for the completion of the first Earthbreaker. Moot Judges are at liberty to intercede and deny the use of Earthbreakers in any feud or dispute that could potentially threaten the general welfare of any Rhulic city.[1]

The first Earthbreakers ended several long-standing disputes in Ulgar, seemingly validating the fear that it might upset the political landscape. Soon enough additional Earthbreakers were produced that rivals gained access to using the colossals as a formidable deterrent against escalating feuds. Thirty years after being unveiled, the Earthbreaker was credited as a stabilising force among the most powerful Rhulic clans. The battles where they are most often unleashed are situated far from Ghord, amid contested mining stakes or territorial disputes on the borders of Rhul.[1]

In 608 AR, the emergence of colossals in the wars of the Iron Kingdoms has motivated Rhulic mercenary warcasters to invest in leasing Earthbreakers in an attempt to maintain a competitive edge.[1]


The Earthbreaker has many uses outside of battle. Its drill torpedoes have been creatively employed in mining by cracking open access to fresh metal veins. Its enormous steam claws can quickly move huge volumes of rock or soil, such that entire mountainsides have been excavated in a fraction of the time that would otherwise have been possible. The Earthbreaker has even served to reroute several minor rivers for the convenience of Rhulic industry.[1]

More than was the case with any previous Ghordson steamjack, the Earthbreaker was always intended for the battlefield. Through its drilling torpedoes, the Earthbreaker can turn the very ground beneath the enemy into a frightening obstacle. Seismic detonations level infantry and warjacks alike while fissures wide enough to swallow a man whole split the land and stop assaults. With six stable legs, the Ghordson Earthbreaker navigates the most jagged terrain while bringing to bear automatic cannons. In close combat, foes are forced to confront its massive, telescoping steam claws. Heavily reinforced armour of the best steel alloys allows the Earthbreaker to endure tremendous punishment.[1]


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