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Glacier kings are a breed of mountain kings that live in the frozen north of western Immoren. They are no less insatiable in their appetites for destruction than their southern cousins. These incarnations of winter now descend from the most remote mountain peaks to hurl themselves against the enemies of the kriels.[1]


Even after the imprisonment of the glacier kings by the northern kriels, tales of the greatest among these trolls circulated far and wide. Trollkin children heard stories of Winter’s Maw battling giant mountain bears across the Shard Spires. Around low-burning fires, accounts were whispered of Icebringer devouring entire kriels. Some shamans attributed the penetrating cold of the north entirely to glacier kings, saying that avalanches were caused by them rolling over in their sleep and that the harshest storms followed their foul moods. Such stories persisted for generations. In 609 AR, the glacier kings are unearthed by Hoarluk Doomshaper after years of research and many lengthy expeditions, and the harsh realities of the creatures’ wild tempers outstrip any tale.[1]


Gifted by the hand of Dhunia with an affinity for the elements that envelop them, the glacier kings are the embodiment of winter and the frozen north. Localised storms laden with ice and snow swirl about their towering forms, streams and lakes ice over at their passing, and tree trunks explode in a hail of splinters under the pressure of sap rapidly expanding in the sudden cold.[1]

The glacier kings' massive fists sunder mountainsides and flatten villages while the perpetual snowfall surrounding them obscures any forms alongside them. Howling gales whirl about their shoulders and chill with the might of the northern winds. The moisture in the air crackles as it freezes, and the exposed skin of enemies is quickly enveloped by frostbite. Snow and ice blanket the ground at the glacier kings’ feet, and enemies who lose their footing are promptly crushed to death or frozen solid before being lofted into a mouth of jagged, yellow teeth.[1]


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