Gorman di Wulfe

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Mercenaries.png Gorman di Wulfe Mercenaries.png

Rogue Alchemist


Race Human (Ryn)
Gender Male
Weapons Stiletto
Alchemical Grenades
Birth Unknown
Gorman di Wulfe is a rogue Rynnish alchemist with a reputation for destructive madness and willingness to sell his services to any bidder. He has created a number of unique grenades, none of which are known to other practitioners. Although formerly a member of the Order of the Golden Crucible, he guards his secrets jealously and refuses to collaborate with his peers. Obfuscated by alchemy and ingenuity, Gorman darts from battle-to-battle, mixing just the right amount of obsession with a healthy portion of dedication for powerful results.


Gorman stalks the battlefield cloaked in obscuring magic, laying waste to anything in his path. A disconcerting figure even to those fighting alongside him, the alchemist can be heard laughing against the cacophony of war.[1]


Born to wealth in Leryn, Gorman di Wulfe showed great interest at a young age in the path of scholars. He eventually became a fine student at Merywyn Academy, where he narrowed his focus to alchemy. After leaving the academy, he returned to Leryn to join the Order of the Golden Crucible and study alchemy at the Thunderhead Fortress.[1]

Gorman was an enthralled apprentice. Every other facet of his life fell away as he pursued alchemical mastery. He surpassed his mentors’ expectations on his way to being decorated with the mantle of Master Aurumn Ominus Alchemist by his fifth year. He took great joy in mixing wondrous potions, and nothing seemed beyond his skill and imagination. His colleagues found him brilliant, if detached. In time, he began to requisition certain reagents that raised suspicion among his peers.[1]

It eventually became obvious that Gorman was manufacturing poisons and explosives as well as dangerous concoctions of his own invention. His superiors confronted him with these accusations, informing him that he must cease his illicit manufacture or be expelled. Gorman at first denied the allegations, but following an accidental explosion that rocked Leryn and incinerated his lab, he quietly slipped out of the city and never looked back.[1]

Driven to continue his research at any cost, Gorman sought any available funding to pursue his passion. He worked for a while in the back of an illicit pharmacy in Five Fingers, supplying the local criminals with dangerous potions. In Khardov he was implicated in a factory fire that cost a local kayazy a sizable portion of its fortune. Later he was associated with a short-lived Umbrean separatist movement, but by the time its leaders were executed, Gorman was long gone.[1]

Gorman eventually began supplying experimental arms to mercenaries. His increasingly dark reputation ensured that only the most desperate sought his services, which suited Gorman just fine: desperate men pay higher wages and ask fewer questions.[1]

During one of his deliveries, Gorman fund his employers in full rout. Turning on their pursuers, Gorman unleashed all the alchemical firepower in his arsenal. Though his intervention was too little to turn the tide, he had found his true calling: mingling theory with application.[1]

Turning his obsession, dedication, and inexhaustible energies toward a new end, Gorman begins working as a mercenary. Under the name 'the Wolf', the Cygnaran translation of his name, he happily hires himself out to anyone promising an exciting battle, bringing his potion-grenades with him.[1][2]


Gorman di Wulfe has a reputation for mayhem even by mercenary standards. Unconcerned with ethics or patriotism, he will work for any employer who does not balk at the prospect of experimental alchemicals. Despite his unquestionable effectiveness, some commanders hesitate to employ him. Strange and terrible accidents have a way of following in his wake, especially to those who have slighted him. If there is a method to Gorman’s madness, it lies somewhere deep in the equations of his mind - a labyrinth best left unexplored.[1][3]