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Khador.png Grolar Khador.png

Khador Heavy Warjack


Weapons Autocannon
Piston Hammer
Height 3.6322m
Weight 11.8 tons
Fuel load 476.27 kg
Fuel usage 6 hours general
70 mins combat
Chassis designer Khadoran Mechaniks Assembly
Initial service date 605 AR
The Grolar is a fast Khadoran warjack ideal to support fast-moving Khadoran forces. Since this warjack first entered service in 605 AR the Mechaniks Assembly has produced the design in great numbers to bolster the capabilities of the Khadoran Army in far-flung regions across western Immoren.[1]


Unhindered by terrain, the deceptively fast Grolar is often the first to charge into the enemy line. Its mighty boiler is the same design as that of the Kodiak, but the version employed by the Grolar features significant improvements to output. With these advancements, the Grolar is capable of charging across or through any obstacles in its way with bursts of speed unseen in anything of its size and weight. Such capabilities put increased demands on the will of a warcaster.[1]

The Grolar is renowned for its integrated advanced weapon systems. The machine pairs a rapid-fire cannon and devastating melee capabilities with a powerful steam engine, enabling it to reach the best possible vantage point to rain down heavy fire into the opposition. While the Grolar is under the control of a warcaster, its cannon is capable of a truly withering rate of fire, even in close combat. Its thunderous piston hammer renders anything it hits into scrap or pulp. The concussive force of the hammer is more than enough to knock aside any target, leaving it vulnerable to the fury of the warjack’s autocannon.[1]

The Grolar is used as a swift deterrent when objectives need to be claimed quickly rather than as a replacement for ’jacks like the Juggernaut and the Destroyer, which will surely continue to be produced for generations to come. Most often, the Grolar is deployed as part of battlegroups at the head of Khadoran advances and along the edges of the nation’s disputed borders, where its mobility and sheer firepower can be put to greatest use. The Grolar has been especially valuable to Khador’s forces in the Thornwood and other particularly difficult landscapes, as its ability to quickly traverse any terrain greatly increases Khadoran mobility.[1]


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