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The-protectorate-of-menoth.png Guardian The-protectorate-of-menoth.png

Protectorate Heavy Warjack


Weapons Flame Pike
Mark II Divinity Arc Node
Height 3.66m
Weight 8.4 tons
Fuel load 375.12 kg
Fuel usage 6 hours general
1 hour combat
Chassis designer Engines East
Steamwerks Union
(refitted by Sul-Menite artificers)
Initial service date 588 AR
The Guardian is a heavy warjack covered in holy script and able to channel the divine power of Menoth’s clergy. Adorned with hundreds of engraved symbols and scripture from the Canon of the True Law, each Guardian is a walking icon. Currently, Guardians are deployed as one of the most versatile close combat ‘jacks in the Protectorate army. At the forefront of crusading forces, the Guardian and its battle banners rise over the Menite army, inspiring the faithful to righteous fury.[1][2]


In 588 AR, Hierarch Garrick Voyle ordered the refitting of some Crusaders, re-casting them in iron and brass to reflect the glory of Menoth’s favour, and assigned the re-dubbed Guardians to disinguished Flameguard units for the purpose of defending sacred sites. The Vassals of Menoth thematically designed Guardians to fit with the supplies, combat styles, and various methods of warfare employed by the Flameguard, and Guardians have become tactical support weapons, vanguards, and primary units in close combat.[1]

In recent years, the role of the Guardian has shifted from temple defender to warcaster guard, alongside the role of the Flameguard. Due to the passionate appeals of Feora, Hierarch Voyle has ordered a number of Guardians to the battlefield. If a particular force shows promise, the Hierarch often grants the commanding warcaster stewardship of a Guardian.[1]


Inspired by the traditional weapons carried by the guardians of Menite holy sites, the ’jack’s primary weapon is a great pike filled with Menoth's Fury. The super-heated core allows the weapon to shear through heavy armour and, if its aim is true, the Guardian can use it to pitch an enemy aside. However, a distinguishing characteristic of the Guardian is its arc node, which has taken many enemies unaware. Even so, the tremendous cost of arc nodes is prohibitive to producing them in great numbers.[1][2]

Each Guardian is a finely crafted instrument of war painstakingly engraved with ornate liturgical verses and illuminations. Guardians are so infused with holiness that some priests use them as battle altars when far from their home temples. Affixed to the shoulders of each Guardian are a pair of banners bearing the menofix, typically scrawled with scriptures from the True Law. Menoth watches his faithful during battle, seeking out the righteous to bolster and reclaiming the cowards. The battle standards of the Guardian rise above the Menite army as a reminder that the Creator’s rewards are reserved for the loyal and faithful: a platitude that can impel even the most fatigued soldier onward.[1][2]


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