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Skorne.png Hakaar Skorne.png


Race Skorne
Gender Male
Weapons Greatswords
Birth Unknown
Death 693 BR
Lord Tyrant Hakaar was the foremost among the skorne honoured with exaltation in the War of the Exalted. In life, the name of Hakaar the Destroyer was synonymous with dealing death. Exalted for his countless mighty deeds, Hakaar once more joins his people in their conquest of western Immoren.


The complex politics of the War of the Exalted were of little interest to Hakaar, who began the campaign as a Praetorian primus within House Tyreth. Hakaar had already distinguished himself as a superb warrior in the inter-house skirmishes that characterise life among the skorne. He looked with displeasure upon the Tyreth dominar, who changed allegiances at will throughout the war.[1]

On the third such indiscretion, when the dominar led his army to a bold but poorly planned battle on the plains of Tor-Halaak, Hakaar could stay his hand no longer. He cut down the dominar, and his men, angered by their lost chance at glorious death, did not interfere.[1]

In the face of certain defeat, Hakaar and a handful of his men survived to secure control of House Tyreth. The former dominar’s name was expunged from their history and has not been uttered since.[1]

Hakaar earned renown as the finest swordsman of his time. He spent his life fighting overwhelming odds on the field that would become known as the Graves of the Exalted. By the time he breathed his last, skewered on the blades of a dozen Cataphracts, he had cut down scores of enemies and warbeasts, including Dominar Helzar, who had started the conflict. There was no question of his exaltation.[1]

The finest stoneworkers of the empire constructed the ancestral guardian that would house his soul, and he was placed in an alcove of great honour in the city of Halaak. There he waited motionless and silent for a millennium, ignoring even the greatest extollers.[1]

In 608 AR, the moment Archdomina Makeda seizes power from Vinter Raelthorne IV, Hakaar stirs, walks resolutely from its alcove and slowly makes its way west, acknowledging no extoller who approaches. Hakaar only stops at the gates of the Abyssal Fortress, where he stands silently until the new supreme archdomina comes forth. As she approaches, Hakaar kneels. Makeda takes him into her service and assigns the senior extoller Aptimus Marketh to speak for him.[1]

Hakaar advises Makeda and the Army of the Western Reaches to launch an invasion of Ios, the land of the descendants of the skorne's ancient enemies, the elves of Lyoss. He divines their borders are weak, as the Iosans have sent a substantial portion of their military strength abroad. They have grown soft and complacent, and such a victory should give the skorne substantial resources and a formidable foothold to seize considerably more fertile lands.[2]

Makeda and Hakaar's army heads north and seize the Twilight Gate, the fortification guarding the sole entrance into Ios through its southern mountains. With the southern border of Ios open, Hakaar then orders Lord Assassin Morghoul to take over multiple mines in the south, full of minerals receptive to mortitheurgy, which will allow the skorne to craft sacral stones and to fabricate especially resilient vessels for immortals and ancestral guardians.[3][4]

As Makeda's army is crossing the Mistbough, Hakaar advises her to advance on Iryss, whose conquest will force Ios to tremble. However, Makeda doesn't listen to him yet: more Iosan armies are coming, and it's not time to march on Iryss.[4]


A devoted hoksune adherent, Hakaar was displeased over the treacherous dealings of his house’s dominar in the War of the Exalted. Hakaar’s arrival has been heralded as a significant omen, for he does not trouble himself with anything less than the most desperate of struggles.[1]