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The harrier is the flying counterpart of the shredder, one of the simplest and smallest of Everblight's spawn. A horror from earlier eras, the harrier has been called from the depths of the dragon’s blood to serve the Legion of Everblight. The sight of their sickly, wet flesh gleaming in the waning moonlight is often a harbinger of death for any who behold them.

Physical Characteristics

Harriers are nearly identical to shredders except for their arms. Most of the harrier's mass is taken up by its head, of which the mouth is the most prominent. Along its spine, the harrier is protected by a row of horns. Like all dragonspawn, a harrier is eyeless, relying on weak waves of blight that allow it to extend its awareness. Their senses are keener than even those of the shredders; they can home in on the living from great distances as though guided by some dark, unseen hand.[1]

Unlike the shredder's proportionately tiny arms, the harrier has developed arms to support its prominent wings. Another difference is that harriers are not afflicted with overpowering hunger after they grow to full size.[1]


In ancient times, the harriers were used by Everblight. to scout distant positions and to find sites suitable for his lairs.[1]


Harriers are endlessly patient and dedicated beyond any natural living thing, able to sustain themselves for protracted periods in the air without fatigue if need be.[1]


Ranging far ahead of Everblight’s blighted army, harriers terrorise the skies and fall upon their victims with the swift pain of terror given form. Their speed and manoeuvrability are prized attributes, giving the harriers the ability to probe enemy defenses before tearing through their flanks. Harriers can be quickly produced by warlocks of the Legion of Everblight from their own spilled blood.[1]