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Cryx.png Helldiver Cryx.png

Cryx Bonejack


Weapons Jaws
Height 2.44m
Weight 2.1 tons
Fuel load 14.97 kg (necrotite)
29.94 kg (coal)
Fuel usage 16 hours general
2 hours combat
Chassis designer Unknown
Initial service date Unknown
The Helldiver is a Cryxian bonejack that moves beneath and erupts from trench floors to sow death and chaos among soldiers supposedly safe behind fortifications. Few sights are more terrible than one of the metallic monsters erupting unexpectedly from the earth and shredding every living body within reach. Many patrol squads have returned from no man’s land to find only an ominous pit strewn with the blood-soaked remains of their eviscerated comrades.


The Helldiver is a new bonejack model created by necrotechs in Asphyxious' necrofactorium under the Thornwood. It was developed initially for striking at dug-in Cygnaran and Khadoran positions. Cryx has seeded many potential battlefields across the region with Helldivers to prepare for the promised slaughter ahead.[1][2]


The Helldiver drags itself through the earth using its powerful front claws. Though incredibly strong, these appendages are used only for movement, not attacks. The machine’s primary weapon is its mighty jaws, which it uses to bite its hapless victims.[2]

A Helldiver can burrow through the soil at a startling pace before surfacing to ambush unwary prey. It is a patient and methodical killer; once positioned below ground it can wait endlessly, motionless and impossible to detect. The Helldiver’s unique furnace burns little fuel and releases virtually no exhaust, so it is capable of prolonged periods of near hibernation. Once the Helldiver sets its furnace to simmer, it silently awaits a signal or a surface vibration to call it forth once more.[2][3]

The simple and plentiful nature of their components allows assembly of bonejacks in small workshops under almost any conditions. A single necrotech can turn the proper materials into a Helldiver in a few scant weeks.[1]


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