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Redirects are useful when you have multiple names for the same article. This is especially obvious when the name has more than one word in it.

When would a redirect be good?

The way in which the MediaWiki software works is that all variations in a name can lead to a new article. A number of examples follow:

  • Dog, Dogs, DoGs, DOgs, DoGS etc.
  • Cats and Dogs, Cats and dogs, Cats And Dogs, Cat and Dogs, Cats and Dog, Dogs and Cats etc.

As you can see plurality and capitalisation are the two most important things to think about in an article name and here redirects help.


The policy of the Lexicanum is as follows:

  • Articles should always try to be in the singular
  • Articles should always try and have the correct capitalisation and follow the spellings as produced by Privateer Press


So, when you have your article, you may find that there are other ways of writing the same thing, as we saw above. To overcome this, create a new article in the name which you wish to point to the correct title and type the following code:

#redirect [[XYZ]]

So if you wanted Cats and Dog to redirect the visitor to Cats and Dogs, you would create the article Cats and Dog and put the code #redirect [[Cats and Dogs]].

Other Abilities

You can also categorise redirect pages in the usual way and they will appear in the category list, though a visitor won't know they are a redirect until they click on the link!